Eleven Weekend Updates

Updates from Sunday calls to Brian Borgoyn, Channing Crowder, Mark Farris, Tamba Hali, Josh Hannum, John Kerr, Marvin Mitchell, Brian Thompson, Nate Schiccatano, Brandon Snow and Chris Wilson.

Borgoyn, Brian

Gave the visit an 8.5 out of 10.

He did not commit.

Top 3 is PSU, Northwestern and Michigan State.

His mom said his top 2 was probably Penn State and Northwestern.

He also said that Josh Hannum decommitted from ND and committed to Penn State.

Host the first night was Tyler Reed. E.Z. Smith the next night because Tyler had to go to a banquet somewhere.

Likes the team unity.

He's being recruited by PSU to play OT.

He will make a decision "within a week."

Crowder, Channing

Farris, Mark

did not commit.

Gave the visit a 10. "It was great. It was a great time. It was everything I could've asked for. I got all my questions answered."

Andrew Richardson was his host.

He will visit MSU this weekend "and then that'll be it."

No favorite and had nice things to say about Pitt and Miami as well.

"They're all even."

He says that Josh Hannum told he that he committed to PSU.

He will decide after his MSU visit.

PSU coaching staff: "They're all just great people, and I'm sure great coaches."

Pitt and PSU: "They're mirror images of each other. You couldn't go wrong with either place."

Miami: "Miami is a great college and institution, with great players and coaches too."

Hali, Tamba

He gave the Miami visit a 10 as well.

He has Syracuse, Penn State and Miami even right now.

He liked the weather down there.

He went on all his visits by himself.

His hosts were Cornelius Green and DJ (Williams I'm assuming).

His father, who is a teacher at his school, is concerned about the academics at Miami but Tamba really liked his visit.

He really liked all of his visits so he's unsure. He seemed to have a lot of the post-visit excitement that he had after the PSU visit so we'll have to see how this plays out.

He will make a decision by the end of the week.

Miami is certainly a player now.

JoePa and the Maryland head coach who's name I'd have to look up to spell correctly, will visit him at his school this week.

He said that Coker may also come to his school this week.

All are recruiting him as a DE.

He'd have to redshirt at Miami most likely but does not have a problem with redshirting.

He said PSU and Syracuse are telling him that playing his freshman year is a possibility.

Hannum, Josh

I just spoke with his father and he says that he has not committed yet.

"We just got back and we have a lot to talk about, but nothing yet."

"He's going to make his mind up in the near future, but just as we speak now, he hasn't committed."

Josh went out with a friend.

Kerr, John

Mitchell, Marvin

Thompson, Brian

Schiccatano, Nate

Snow, Brandon

did not take a visit this weekend.

He'll visit Miami next weekend and Virginia or Florida the following weekend. He'll probably know whether he will visit Virginia or Florida "the week of".

He says he's "definitely not" committed to anyone at this point.

He's "open-minded".

Wilson, Chris

Scale of 1 to 10?

"I wouldn't give it less than a 9."

Host was Tony Johnson. Tony Johnson and Zack Mills share living quarters so he hung out with them mostly, and Vince Gliatta (Zack was Vince's host).

PSU is looking at him to play tailback. They tell him PSU has 3 running back commitments (Chris Wilson, Grant Miller and Donnie Johnson I'm assuming), so there should be some healthy competition there.

He's applied for admission to the honors college.

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