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Updates included in this article: Ahmad Brooks, I-Perfection Harris, Marshawn Harvey, Jim Kanuch, Tim Shaw and Brandon Snow.

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I-Perfection Harris

"It was cool, I liked it," Harris said of his official visit to Penn State this past weekend.  He went on the visit by himself.

I-Perfection's host was Ernie Terrell.

"I met Adam Taliaferro, Larry Johnson, Tony Johnson, Zach Mills, Brian Scott, Deryck Toles and a whole bunch of other guys.  We chilled.  They took me out on the town and showed me how campus life was.  The town was definitely big on sports.  They're die-hard fans there.  People were shouting out 'EAGLES!' and 'STEELERS!', those people are crazy about there sports."

"I, of course got a tour of the facilities.  I also spent a lot of time at the track meet.  It was a 2-day meet."

"I went to the stadium and had dinner there.  I had some of their famous ice cream. It was a good time."

"I went to a track meet.  [The track facilities are] the best in the country, some of the best in the country."

Did Terrell participate in the meet?

"Ernie's not running track right now, this winter.  He said that he might come out in the spring."

"I think they won the meet."

Harris did not commit to Penn State.  Before the visit to State College, Georgia Tech was his favorite.  Do the Yellow Jackets still lead?

"I don't know if they're my favorite.  It's basically between those two (Georgia Tech and Penn State).  I'm going to sit down and try to think things through this week."

What did the Penn State coaching staff tell him about the opportunity for early playing time?

"I know I have to earn it.  They bring in top corners every year.  I know they're thin at cornert hough and I could probably be a contributor depending on how I look my freshman year.  I would probably redshirt there."

"I don't know.  I have a lot of thinking to do because they are both great universities.  I just have to see which one best suits me."

Has Penn State at least tied Georgia Tech?

"Yeah, Georgia Tech was leading because I hadn't taken my [Penn State] visit yet.  I didn't have much to go on except for the name (Penn State).  I would say they're pretty even."

"They have a great business program and I was interested in that.  They also have a pretty good engineering program.  I'm interested in those 2 things.  They have a collaboration program called MSIS or something like that.  It's a program involving computer science in correlation with business.  So, they have a whole bunch of things to offer."

PSU is not putting the pressure on Harris to make a decision.  They didn't mention that they were getting low on scholarships.

"They're not pressuring me to make a decision.  They want me to weigh it out and see if it's the best fit."

What would he rate the visit on a scale of 1 to 10?

"I'd give it a 7 to an 8."

Does he mind the cold?

"That's a little bit of a touchy subject.  I don't want really want to get into that right now.  I kind of want to go hot, but it's not everything in the world if that university best suits me."

How is Georgia Tech's track program?

"They have a top program.  They fixed up the facilites for the '96 olympics in Atlanta.  They used a lot of Georgia Tech's facilities for practice facilities."

Does he have any in-house visits scheduled?

"Coach Gailey came to my house last Tuesday.  Brian Norwood said he might set one of for Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.  I don't know if he's coming with Joe Paterno or not."

What did Harris think of the Penn State coaching staff?

"They seemed like pretty straight-forward, nice guys.  They really care about the school.  Everybody is really big on what Penn State offers and what the name of Penn State means, the tradition."

Note: I-Perfection said that there were 3 other recruits there this weekend.  Jim Kanuch and Vic Surma were there.  He also mentioned that "one was from South Carolina, I think his name was Katrell or something like that."  He thinks he was a defensive end.

Tim Shaw

"Things went well.  I enjoyed it a lot," Tim said in reference to his official visit to Michigan State this weekend.

"I really just enjoyed the players a lot."

Does Tim have a favorite?

"It's Penn State or Michigan State."

Recent reports indicated that Tim favors Penn State.

"I don't know.  [Penn State] might be the leader, but it's close."

How did this visit compare to his official visit to Penn State?

"It was very comparable.  That's the problem.  You like the coaches, you like the players.  I like the players a little more at Michigan State, how they mix and that type of stuff."

What does Tim like about Penn State?

"Just the opportunity," he said.  "It just seems like it's something different.  It would be something special.  You don't see a lot of guys going to Penn State out of Michigan."

Playing for "the big name, Penn State" and Joe Paterno also appeals to Tim.

Coach Vanderlinden called Tim Sunday evening.

"He just thinks [going to Penn State] is the right thing for me to do.  He just thinks it's special.  He turned down a couple of jobs and a lot of money this year and last year to stay there.  He's turned down like 5 jobs, 2 or 3 coordinator jobs."

Has Tim been keeping an eye on the recruiting fortunes of Penn State and Michigan State?

"Both are good situations for me.  Both are having great recuiting classes.  I know Michigan State is getting Kyle Cook and this huge guy from California, but they're bringing back their whole line.  Next year, they're only losing one guy that's starting on their line."

"Penn State's the same.  I know they only lost like 2 starters on offense."

"The coaches tell me [who they get]."

When will Tim make his final decision?

"It's going to be pretty soon, tonight or tomorrow.  I'm going over to my coaches house right now.  He and I are going to talk it out and see how we feel."

Jim Kanuch

"It was great," Penn State verbal Jim Kanuch said of his official visit to Penn State.  "They had me with Andrew Guman and Isaac Smolko. Those are the 2 guys I hung out with most of the time."

"I think they are looking at me to play safety.  During one part of my visit, they put me with coach Brian Norwood to go over films.  He's the safety coach, so I figure that's where they want me."

Jim is 6'2", 185 pounds, and benches 295 pounds.  He also has great speed.

"My fastest [40-yard dash

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