One Last Hurdle

Kiski Prep QB Daryll Clark took his official visit to Penn State over the weekend. He enjoyed his trip, but said he still has one more goal to reach before he is eligible to play for the Nittany Lions in 2005. Clark made the trip with his father, Daryll Sr., and spent time with star Maryland lineman Jared Gaither.

Clark, 6-foot-3 and 200 pounds, was supposed to be taking classes at Penn State right now. Clark originally signed with the Lions last February, but academic issues forced him to enroll at Kiski Prep.

“I have never been very good at taking tests, some people can and some can’t,” the Youngstown, Ohio native said.

Clark has been working diligently to improve his ACT score in order to enroll at Penn State in the fall, and to fulfill his dream of playing QB for the Nittany Lions.

“When I came here to Kiski I was four points off the qualifying mark, now I am two points away,” Clark said. “I take the test again Feb. 12, and if I need it I can take it for the final time in April.”

Clark is currently taking practice tests and prep classes to help him with the ACT.

One area that has never been a question about Clark is his ability on the field. Yet with fans all but handing the future of the Nittany Lions over to Anthony Morelli, what does Clark have to say about that?

“Joe Paterno told me right as I was leaving that he is expecting me to come in and compete as a QB,” Clark said. “I welcome the competition, the more competition the better. That lets the coaches and others see what I bring to the table.”

Here is the rest of his Q&A with FOS:

BL: Did your official visit really re-enforce to you why you chose Penn State initially?

DC: “I always loved Penn State, not only for the athletics. I mean they want to win, but there’s more to it. I know I can go there and graduate. I can excel on and off the filed with a degree from Penn State.

BL: Who was your host on your visit?

DC: Terrell Golden

BL: Since you have been at Kiski, have any other teams continued to recruit you?

DC: West Virginia kept in contact

BL: How has your experience at Kiski been?

DC: I’m glad you asked that, that is the first question the Penn State coaches asked me. Kiski has taught me everything that I may not have known in high school about college and academics. They have really helped me and accepted me with open arms.

BL: During your official visit, did you sense that the other recruits were enjoying themselves?

DC: We all went out and had a good time, I would think there may be a good shot that [Jared] Gaither ends up at Penn State. I can’t speak for him, but if I had to guess he seemed to have a good time.

BL: Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, and good luck on the upcoming test.

DC: You’re welcome. Thanks for calling.


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