Did Nolen Visit Penn State?

<P>Due to the first winter storm of 2005, most airports in the East were forced to cancel or delay flights over the weekend. This is not a good thing, especially two weeks prior to signing day. Hampton, Va., wide receiver Todd Nolen was scheduled to visit Penn State. Did he make the trip?

Hampton, Va., three-star wide receiver Todd Nolen (6-foot-2, 175) has kept a relatively low profile from the media as of late. According to Hampton coach Mike Smith, that is by design.

“I want him to take his visits and absorb it all in without any media pressure,” Smith said. “Once he reaches a decision, then he’ll talk to you guys.”

Did Nolen visit Penn State?

“No he did not. He went to Virginia on Thursday and Friday, and was scheduled to leave from there to go to Penn State,” Smith said. “Due to inclement weather his flight was canceled. He may try and squeeze them in at the end of this week.”

Here is the rest of our interview:

BL: Nolen is scheduled to visit Virginia Tech this weekend, correct?

MS: Yes, if he goes to Penn State it would have to be a weekday thing before Virginia Tech. We have some final exams here this week and I don’t think he’ll be able to miss them.

BL: So would it be safe to say the odds of Penn State securing a visit are not real good right now?

MS: It’s going to be tough, we’ll have to see how things play out.

BL: Which schools are currently in the running for his services?

MS: He set four visits. He went to North Carolina last weekend, then Virginia, he missed Penn State, and is scheduled for Virginia Tech. I can’t say he favors any school over any of the others.


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