Timmons Addresses Rumors

You’ve heard the rumors. Knowledge Timmons, the speedy receiver/defensive back from William Penn High in York, Pa., is said to be waffling on the verbal commitment he made to Penn State in December. FOS recruiting analyst Steve Curry got in touch with Timmons Monday night to see if there is any truth to the reports.

Steve Curry: Have you heard from South Carolina?

Knowledge Timmons: Yeah, they contacted me.

SC: Are you still committed to Penn State?

KT: Yeah, I'm still committed to Penn State as of now.

SC: Is there a possibility that could change before signing day?

KT: Uh ... I don't want to say because you all are going to put it on the Internet. But I don't know yet. It's a possibility, but I'm not sure yet.

SC: Is South Carolina a team that you're considering?

KT: Yeah.

SC: Was [new South Carolina coach Steve] Spurrier at your school?

KT: No.

SC: Are there any other schools in the mix, or is it just those two?

KT: No, it's just Penn State and South Carolina.

SC: What has you interested in South Carolina?

KT: It's kind of high.

SC: No, I mean why are you interested in them?

KT: Basically everything. Sports and the school and everything. And I want to run track there and stuff because they have a pretty good track team and their football team is up and coming. The same interest I have in Penn State, I have in South Carolina, so it's pretty much the same.


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