Lichtenfels Quick Takes

Now that we’ve hit a bit of a calm after the letter-of-intent-day storm, analyst Bob Lichtenfels has had a chance to sit back and survey the scene. This is his quick-hitting take on the Nittany Lions’ class, which, as of this writing, checked in at No. 29 in Scout’s national rankings.


“I think Joe Paterno did well fulfilling the need for speed, players who can stretch the field. There is a lot of high-end talent, then a dropoff. There are some prospects who were not highly touted who may develop into good college football players.”


“I was surprised by the fact that Jared Gaither didn't sign with Penn State. I was waiting for a big surprise, possibly something that no one was expecting, and so far we haven't heard that.”


“Gaither. He's a five-star offensive lineman who is 6-foot-8 and 330 pounds. He could've been a difference-maker on the offensive line.”


Chris Baker. He is only in his second season of organized football. He is a tremendous athlete for a big man. I think he'll come in, learn for one to two seasons, and be a force.”


“The biggest need was speed. They needed play-makers and they have gotten them.”


“Penn State will have to pursue a running back. Knowshon Moreno and LeSean McCoy are the likely targets. Quarterback will be a need and there's no need to leave the state with talented gunslingers Pat Devlin and Zach Frazer close by. Penn State always goes after a top-notch linebacker, and two who fit the bill are Gateways's Dan Loheyde and Thomas Jefferson's Nate Nix.”


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