NJ DE Tamba Hali is a Lion

Tamba Hali is a talented DE to whom Penn State and 50 other schools have offered a scholarship. After taking all of his official visits, he chose the Nittany Lions.

Name: Tamba Hali
Position: DE
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 250 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.8
School: Teaneck High, Teaneck, New Jersey

Tamba is rated as the 8th best defensive end prospect in the country by TheInsiders.com.  He decided last Friday to become a Nittany Lion.

"I got into my coach's office on Friday and we sat down after Syracuse and Penn State came through," Tamba said Monday evening describing when he made his decision.  "We just sat down and talked about it, the evens, the odds, the good and the bad."

"When I was young, a sophomore, I saw Courtney Brown and other players play like Brandon Short.  I saw them play and I fell in love with the school.

"Then, when I saw what Penn State had to offer academically, I saw that they had the same thing that Syracuse did.  So, I really liked the school.  So, to make a long story short, that was the place I wanted to go all along, but I wasn't sure [until recently] because I visited other schools."

Tamba took official visits to Souther California, Syracuse, Maryland, Penn State and Miami before deciding to play for Penn State.

Tamba will play defensive end.

"They don't want me to redshirt.  They said I could redshirt if I wanted to.  But, they don't want me to redshirt and I don't want to redshirt either.

"I have an opportunity to perform early at Penn State.  Penn State is a great program and I really feel like the class they are recruiting this year is a top 5 or top 10.  I feel like I can be a difference maker."

Joe Paterno visited Tamba at his school last week.

"He came to my basketball practice and he played a little bit.  He pulled a kids shorts down," Tamba laughed.  "He said that's the way he used to play back in Brooklyn.  He got on the court and started playing defense.  It was amazing.  He moved like he's 45.

"I like Joe, I really do.

"He (Joe Paterno) said he really feels that something good is going to happen and I feel the same way."

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