On a Rolle?

<P>New Jersey standout RB/DB Myron Rolle has 35 offers. Where does Penn State stand in the battle for one of the top prospects in next year&#146;s class?

Next year’s crop of high school seniors in New Jersey may not have the star power of the class that recently signed its letters of intent. But it figures to be much deeper. At the top of any prospect list you’ll see the name Myron Rolle. Rolle (6-2, 206, 4.59) is a standout running back and defensive back for The Hun School in Princeton.

Rolle has collected 35 offers to date. Penn State verbally offered Rolle last spring. We caught up with Rolle during our trip to San Antonio, Texas for the U.S. Army All-American Junior Combine. What are the talented youngsters thoughts on the Nittany Lions?

Bob Lichtenfels: Do you have an offer from Penn State?

Myron Rolle: Yes sir, I do.

BL: How many offers do you currently have?

MR: I have 35 right now.

BL: Who was your first offer?

MR: Oklahoma offered me at their camp, and Rutgers offered very early also.

BL: When did Penn State offer you?

MR: Right after the Nike Combine last May.

BL: What teams did you follow growing up?

MR: Penn State and Florida State.

BL: Have you met Joe Paterno, and what did you think of him?

MR: Yes, he’s very sharp. I didn’t expect him to be as on the ball as he is. He knew everything about me he was real amiable. He was a genuinely good guy.

BL: I hear you got a website now, tell us about that.

MR: One of my dad’s co-workers put it together. It has pictures, stats, offers, current news, and I’m trying to get some game film on there.

BL: What is the URL of your site?

MR: www.myronrolle.net

BL: I’ve known you for sometime, and one thing I notice is you are just as humble today with 35 offers as you were with five. How do you stay so humble?

MR: My parents and my brother, they bring me down to earth real quick. When you get a lot of attention like that, it can blow your head up real quick. You have to stay humble. Humility in this process is important. I know in a second this game can leave me.

BL: If you had to name one school right now that you will definitely visit who would it be and why?

MR: Oklahoma, they were my first offer and that’s when people started taking notice. I respect them for noticing me.

BL: Does Penn State have a fighting chance?

MR: We haven’t dropped anyone yet, my family and myself we have a checklist that we go by. The list has different criteria on it. If the schools haven’t produced or they don’t have things I am looking for they have a mark against them.

BL: What exactly are you looking for in a school?

MR: A good education, I’m a 4.0 student so academics are important to me. I know a lot of kids say that, but I take it very seriously. Obviously they have to have a competitive football team who competes all year and goes to bowl games. They should have a good record of sending players to the league that is another goal of mine. The types of players in their system, and who are they recruiting. There are a lot of factors that go into it.


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