Ohio Athlete To Play For PSU

Vince Gliatta could play either quarterback or safety for the Nittany Lions. He committed to Penn State last week and will sign with Penn State next January.

Name: Vince Gliatta
Position: QB / S
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5
Bench Press: 225 pounds 11 times
School: Central Catholic High School, Canton, Ohio

This past season, Vince played quarterback and safety for Central Catholic. He compiled over 2,800 total yards, with approximately 1,600 passing yards and 1,200 rushing yards.

Vince decided last week to make a verbal commitment to Penn State.

"I told them last Thursday or Friday," Vince said. "I didn't publicize it, but I told Jay Paterno. He came to the school and I told him that I think I'm ready to commit and that I was having a press conference on Wednesday."

Jay Paterno got back in touch with Vince on Monday afternoon to make a request.

"It had to do with the number of scholarships, they overcommitted. They asked me and 2 other guys to start in January of next year."

Was that disappointing?

"Not at all. Well, when I first heard the news, it wasn't really explained very well. I kind of misunderstood things."

"But, Coach Joe Paterno called my house [on Tuesday] and he didn't understand what I was upset about. The way he looked at it was that I'm being recruited as a quarterback now and Mills will have one less year of eligibility. I'll have another year to mature and to work on things I feel that I need to work on."

Is Penn State recruiting him as a quarterback first?

"Yeah, I think so. They told me that [they were recruiting me as a quarterback], but they didn't specify first. He said the way to look at it is that Mills will be a year older, so I took it as that."

Vince could also play safety if necessary.

He will start taking classes at Penn State in the fall.

"My eligibility clock won't start until next January, and I'll have five years."

Is he excited about playing for Penn State?

"Yeah, definitely."

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