Will Cedric Taylor Visit PSU?

Cedric is very much interested in the Nittany Lions. Will the big, powerful back from Florida visit State College this weekend?

Name: Cedric Taylor
Position: RB
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 240 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5
School: Mandarin High School, Jacksonville, Florida

Did he get in touch with Penn State today?

"Yeah, we did," Cedric's head coach, Richard Burnoski, said. "Cedric is going to visit Wisconsin this weekend instead.

"[Penn State is] not going to be able to sign him because they are filled up, they're filled up at the position. They want him to go to prep school for a year.

"So, he's going to visit Wisconsin. Wisconsin is not able to sign him. They said they're full too. They still want to bring him up and then he's going to go to prep school.

"If he goes to prep school (Fork Union), he'll go there for the first semester until he passes and then enroll at Penn State after that."

Why is he visiting Wisconsin and not Penn State?

"He's going to visit Wisconsin, because Penn State already told him that there is no use in bringing him up. They said 'here's what we can do, you're not qualified so we're not going to be able to bring you in this year, unless you're qualified late, but we're filled up, so either way we're going to have to put you in prep school for a year'.

"Wisconsin could possibly have something open because they have a kid at the position who is wishy-washy and is either going to go there or to Michigan. They said they want to bring Cedric up and let him see the campus and all that.

"Wisconsin said they can get two kids in a year on Prop 48. They said that they can possibly get him in as a prop, on campus in the fall if the kid decommits. The kid is visiting Michigan this weekend.

"I know he's kind of got his heart set on Penn State. That's kind of what he told me. I think the prep school route might not be a bad route for him."

"He didn't really want to go to West Virginia.

"The schools that he was fired up about were Penn State and Wisconsin because they have the big-back mentality and that's what he likes."

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