First Look: Lift for Life Video

Lift for Life, an annual PSU football event which began two years ago, continues to grow in size and scope as the program's primary charity. In an effort to continue this growth, Lift for Life released their promotional video exclusively to Fight on State to give PSU fans a look at what they are missing at Lift for Life.

Lift for Life Video (QuickTime format).

Lift for Life is held annually in early July and benefits the Kidney Cancer Association. The event features teams of four PSU players participating in tweleve conditioning events, testing strength and endurance.

Last year the events included, the leg curl, leg press, bag jumps, barbell bench press, chin-ups, iron cross and the infamous tire flip.

Last year the winning team, Dreaded Marco, included safety Paul Cronin, quarterback Chris Ganter, tight end Isaac Smolko, and wide receiver Gio Vendemia

Stay tuned to Fight on State for more information on Lift for Life!

Special thanks to Brolik Productions.

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