Zemaitis Sustains Injury

The Nittany Lions have not even entered Spring drills yet, which begin on March 28, and already they have sustained some injuries to players on the team.

This past week Alan Zemaitis, Penn State's 6-foot-2, 195-pound starting cornerback reportedly suffered an injury in light conditioning drills. Zemaitis reportedly suffered a dislocation of his pinkey finger on a pass break-up drill this past Thursday.

The injury was said to be serious enough to send Zemaitis to the hospital reportedly since Dr. Sebastianelli was unavailable.

The drill in which Zemaitis sustained his injury was a basic passing drill run with quarterbacks, wide receivers, linebackers and the secondary.

These drills are commonly run this time of year after conditioning workouts and typically exclude the use of pads.

Coaches are not allowed to participate or be present for these practice sets and were not present for the drill where Zemaitis was injured.

Although in pain, reports indicate that he will take a short amount of time off and could be ready to get back into conditioning session in the next week or wo.

Aside from Zemaitis' injury, two other players have had medical proceedures to treat conditions they have sustaind recently.

Freshman receiver Derrick Williams is reportedly recovering from a hernia operation he had late last week. He is apparently expected to be ready for Spring drills in late March. Here is our original story on William's proceedure.

Also, after suffering a back injury early last season, Dan Lawlor was reportedly diagnosed with a herniated disc in his back, which causes pain to shoot down one's leg. According to physicians we spoke with, this condition can often be treated with the use of steriod injections or physical therapy, however Lawlor reportedly received a surgical proceedure prior to winter break to relieve the pain and correct the issue.

He is reportedly doing better and is currently in a rehab regiment to provide increased strength and flexibility in his back. He is able to walk and apparently has not had an residual pain since the proceedure.

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