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The former Penn State All-American and current CEO of the Detroit Lions took some time to talk to Thursday afternoon. He offered his thoughts on the current state of the Nittany Lion football program and more.

Former Penn State All-American Matt Millen was in State College Thursday to participate in a panel discussion for the College of Communications Center for Sports Journalism.

Now president and CEO of the Detroit Lions, Millen's resume also includes work as a national television and radio color analyst (1994-2000) and an 11-year NFL playing career that included four Super Bowl titles with three different teams.

Before participating in the discussion, Millen took a few minutes to talk to's Mark Brennan and WMAJ ESPN Radio 1450's Pat Boland.

With typical candor, when Brennan asked what he thought of Penn State's recent on-field football struggles, Millen replied, “I've got my own problems. I don't know if you noticed.”

He was referring to Detroit's 6-10 record last season. He added that he has not had time to keep close track of his alma mater's program in recent years, but added, “inevitably, it comes back to two things: players and coaches.”

Boland then asked him if he was surprised that Penn State coach Joe Paterno was able to “stay on top of things” while nearing his 80th birthday. Our audio file picks up at that point.

Matt Millen Audio.

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