Personnel Report: Fullbacks

With a few seniors out of the mix, some incoming freshmen set to make an impact and a staff that likes to make position shifts in the off-season, which units could have the biggest changeups during the spring? Let's take a look at the likely suspects.

There are a few positions that are expected see a dramatic shift in personnel this off-season due to departing players, young talent and a imbalance of depth across the team. Let's first take a look at the fullback situation for Penn State as we approach the spring sessions which kicks off on March 28th.


With the departure of Paul Jefferson, the fullback position is there for the taking. The unit is expected to have a new look with BranDon Snow shifting back to his "natural spot" from the linebacker postion he played last year.

The 6-foot-1, 246-pound Snow may need some time to acclimate himself back to the offensive side of things, but is likely the best blocker of available fullbacks on the squad. He has a great base, overpowering technique and loves contact. Aside from which he has impressive speed with a 4.72-second 40-yard dash.

Dan Lawlor, on the other hand, is about 6-1, 250 and has a good all-around package -- hands, speed and strength. He is coming off surgery for a herniated disc, but has been progressing as expected with no complications from the proceedure.

Although proficient, he is not the blocker Snow was when he played the position prior to his move to defense. However, Lawlor was impressive last year with his technique and fundamentals. He runs low and uses his shoulders on hits well.

Matt Hahn has put on about 10 pounds or so and is up to 225 on his 6-foot frame. Smaller than Lawlor and Snow, but considered to be more of an intermediate offensive threat from the backfield with his hands, Hahn could see time at fullback and/or running back this season.

He is quick, running a 4.6 second 40, aggressive and powerful. What he lacks in blocking and size compared to Snow and Lawlor he reportedly makes up for with hands and quickness overall.

As Fight on State first reported back in December, Jed Hill's 6-2, 248-pound frame may have him shifting from tight end to fullback this spring. Hill has good speed at around 4.7 seconds in the 40, solid size and power.

A tight end by trade, Hill needs to work on his ability to set and hold his blocks, and leverage his body out of the backfield on assignments. On the plus side, his hands could be an asset for the offense's intermediate passing game.

Stay tuned to for updates on more positions that may experience personnel shifts this spring.

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