Kickin' It Around With Gould

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Penn State's former kicker about his performance in last week's Pro Day and how he sees his prospects for the NFL next season.

Robbie Gould is no stranger to pressure situations. Currently the former Nittany Lion kicker is looking to take his leg to the professional ranks and showcased it for NFL representatives last week during Penn State's annual Pro Day.

"Things went really well for me. The situation looks good with a few teams showing interest and hopefully I'll get some opportunities to show my abilities at some tryouts and camps," Gould explained.

Pro Day was a little different for him compared to the other seniors. His measurements were taken (height, weight, etc.), as were the Wonderlick and personality tests the NFL requires. However, he was not required to perform activities like the bench press or forty yard dash drills like the other players. Instead he hung out awhile and watched the other players drill.

When he finally got his shot, he first got a workout on kickoffs. As he explained, "All of my kickoffs were really good. I was really pleased since they all landed down around the goalline with several going a few yards deep."

The NFL scouts like to see a 4.0 second hang time on kickoffs. Gould had kickoffs which had hangtimes ranging from 4.10 to 4.29 seconds.

Next he booted field goals, going 11 for 15. He explained his misses, saying, "I missed three 55 yard kicks, with one of them going right off the post. I think I displayed that I have the leg strength to compete at the next level though."

Currently he has a few teams showing interest, saying, "The [Pittsburgh] Steelers are really interested. Things should pick up soon, since it is sort of a dead period right now. I am expecting to see some more tryouts come my way though."

Gould's agent, Brett Senior, is the same as Andy Guman's and Zack Mills'.

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