Q&A: Jason Adjepong

Highly touted Garden State defensive end Jason Adjepong, 6-foot-3 and 253 pounds, made the three-and-a-half-hour trek from Carteret, N.J., to University Park over the weekend. Scout.com caught up with Adjepong and he shared his thoughts about Penn State.

Adjepong currently holds offers from Connecticut, Kansas, Michigan State, Minnesota, Rutgers, Syracuse and Virginia. Adjepong has a verbal offer from the Penn State coaching staff. Did the Nittany Lions make it official? Read our Q&A to find out the answer to that question and many more.

Bob Lichtenfels: Can you give me a general overall summary of your trip to Penn State?

Jason Adjepong: We arrived a little bit late. But I caught the gist of the tour, which included the academic department, weight room, team meeting room, and of course that beautiful stadium.

BL: So I take it you like Beaver Stadium?

JA: When you think of Penn State you think of that 110,000-seat stadium, it was incredible.

BL: Besides the stadium, what else stood out about the trip?

JA: The intensity of the practice. It rained so they took it inside to Holuba Hall and the intensity was incredible.

BL: What made it so intense?

JA: My god it was scary, there was a battle between Levi Brown and Lavon Chisley, but it wasn’t just that it was everyone. It was Tony Hunt crushing linebackers; it was Dan Connor making people look like Barbie dolls. The best part was the DBs banging pads around out there, it’s not often you see those guys in the back hitting, but the day I was there it was a different story. I saw a kid almost get decapitated right in front of me, it was so intense I loved every minute of it. By the end of practice I was foaming at the mouth, I was ready to go. If that was a preview of what that defense will be like when September comes, they’ll be treacherous.

BL: How was your experience with Joe Paterno?

JA: I was surprised with the effort that he puts into practice. I thought he was more laid back, he was the exact opposite. He was fired up throughout the whole session.

BL: You went to Penn State expecting to leave with a written offer, did they offer?

JA: The offer situation is quite unique. I thought I would sit and have a one on one with Joe Paterno, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, I had the talk with the person I would be the closest with over the next 4-5 years, Coach Larry Johnson. He showed me the defensive line highlights and some tapes of the kids he has sent to the league, I was in awe. He has a great coaching history. He stressed to me how by me going there, it would give me opportunities that other school may not have to offer, such as learning from older players but also being able to come in and have a chance to make things happen early.

BL: What was it about Coach Johnson that stood out?

JA: He kept it real with me from the standpoint that I left knowing I met a man that likes me more as a person and not just for how many sacks I can get. That showed his character to me. He told me that they evaluated a lot of film and only needed three defensive linemen, and that he was only offering 10 and that I was one of them. To be told that was a great feeling, because they have a very diverse roster and he looked me in my eyes and told me there was something special about me. He told me that I have a scholarship to attend Pennsylvania State University.

BL: Did you receive the written offer?

JA: They told me to expect it this week.

BL: What are your thoughts about Penn State after the visit?

JA: PSU is contending for a spot in my top five. I have a list I keep on my wall and in my head, I’ll watch them and keep in contact with the coaches, and we’ll see as the process goes on.

BL: What schools make up the top five right now?

JA: It’s so hard to say. No one is stable right now.


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