The Write Stuff for Devlin?

Pat Devlin is one of the top two quarterbacks in Pennsylvania and ranks among the best passers in the nation. Penn State has shown strong interest. But are the Nittany Lions serious enough to join the host of teams that have made written scholarship offers.

Mississippi, Minnesota, Vanderbilt, Akron, Miami, North Carolina, Syracuse, Virginia, Maryland, Pittsburgh and Rutgers had all sent written offers. Penn State, meanwhile, had verbally offered Downingtown (Pa.) East quarterback Pat Devlin.

But now you can add the Nittany Lions to the list of schools which have offered in writing.

“I went to practice last week, and then they sent the written offer to my house,” Devlin said.

Has the written offer changed the 6-foot-4, 200-pound signal caller’s opinion of the Nittany Lions?

“No, it’s not much different then before,” Devlin said. “Now I know they really want me.”

There has been a lot of conversation on the message boards about Anthony Morelli being around for the next few of years and that that could hurt Penn State’s chances of landing one of the elite young quarterbacks.

“That really doesn’t factor into it too much for me,” Devlin said. “I’ll keep working to get better, if it’s not good enough, then I’ll work harder.”

With so many offers and schools pursuing Devlin, one would think the process could be overwhelming.

“It’s not too overwhelming,” Devlin said. “Some of the offers have been shocking; the Miami offer was a shocker, and the Minnesota offer. Minnesota was surprising because I had never really spoken to them much, that’s what made it surprising.”

What’s next on the agenda for the Devlin family?

“This weekend, we’re possibly heading to either Notre Dame and Michigan, or Virginia and Maryland,” Devlin said. “I still haven’t made up my mind.”

Devlin and Mechanicsburg’s Zach Frazer are considered the top two quarterbacks in Pennsylvania and two of the best passers in the nation. Penn State has now made written offered to both players.


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