Conversation With Donnie Johnson

LionNews recently chatted with Donnie Johnson, the talented Ohio RB who signed a letter of intent on February 6 to play for Penn State. Donnie talks about himself and a teammate of his that Penn State is recruiting.

Is Penn State looking at Donnie's teammate DeJuan Tribble?

"Yes they are," Donnie Johnson said.

Is DeJuan interested in Penn State?

"Yeah, he's real interested."

Are you two close friends?

"Yeah, we're close."

How good is DeJuan?

"He's real good. I think he could be a good quarterback, but he says his best position is DB."

"He doesn't have any offers yet."

Donnie mentioned Michigan and Stanford as some other teams interested in DeJuan.

"He had 11 interceptions this year. He only had 4 during the regular season and the rest came during the 3 games in the playoffs."

"He's 5-11, 185. He has some good foot speed."

"I think he's going to come up with me to the blue-white game."

Will DeJuan be going to the PSU Junior day this weekend?

"I'm not sure."

Any other outstanding juniors on Donnie's team last year?

"We have another kid named Darrell Snow at receiver and DB, and a defensive tackle named Devon Wilkinson. Those (including DeJuan) are the 3 stars for next year."

Did Donnie have a good offensive line last year?

"They were good. They were all about 200, but they worked hard. They were fundamentally sound. They could open up some holes."

Is he anxious to get to Penn State?

"Yeah, I'm real excited. I can't wait to be around some competition with all those big backs they have."

Is he benching 400 pounds yet?

"I haven't tried. I've been working out with 225. I can get get 225 20 times."

"Penn State is where I always wanted to be."

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