Steve Roach Update

The talented lineman from West Virginia signed a letter of intent on February 6 to play for the Nittany Lions. LionNews recently spoke with one of his high school coaches.

LionNews spoke with one of Steve Roach's assistant coaches, Brian Sine, yesterday.

"I think they (PSU) are going to start him out on defense, probably as one of the inside guys," Coach Sine said.

"I think they were concerned with how thin they were on the offensive line last year, at least that's what Joe Paterno had talked about."

"He's a kid that's definitely a 2-way guy. He could play either side of the ball."

"They (PSU) were thinking that they might have a higher need on the offensive side, but I guess with some of the kids they have coming in, they just felt like it would be a good chance to maybe give him an opportunity on defense."

Did he have other offers?

"Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, all of the schools in the area pretty much. Virginia was on him pretty good. He's always wanted to go to Penn State, so when Penn State came in, it was pretty much a done deal. When they offered him verbally, he was pretty much done with the recruiting process."

"I think a lot of them came in late, right before the signing day and tried to maybe get back in. When they called here, we pretty much told 'em they were wasting their time. When Joe came down, it was definitely a done deal. He came down a couple of days before the signing day and just met with everybody, had a little media day, without officially being able to talk to Steve. That definitely sealed the deal for Steve."

Steve is excited to play wherever Penn State wants him.

"He's a little more excited now that he'll get an opportunity maybe to start out on defense."

Does he prefer defense?

"He definitely does."

"He played weak tackle on the offensive side of the ball. Our weak tackle is the guy that pulled all the time. I know it sounds funny, but our weak tackle is actually the best offensive lineman."

"Defensively, he played all 4 positions across the front. Teams would run away from him, so we had to put in some switch calls and some light and some heavy calls to move him around. We tried to not line him up in the same place 2 plays in a row. He was definitely a pleasure to have, that's for sure."

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