Conversation with Coach Bob Paroli

Coach Bob Paroli talks about Calvin Lowry, who signed a letter of intent on February 6 to play for Penn State. He also talks about Calvin's younger brother, Spencer Lowry, and another Douglas Byrd High School junior.

Bob Paroli is the head coach at Douglas Byrd High School where Calvin played and where his brother, Spencer, plays.

Calvin Lowry

"They (PSU) may be looking at him at free safety and wide receiver," Coach Paroli said. "When I was asked where I thought his best position would be, I said free safety. That was just my own observations. They indicated that they may try him on both sides of the ball because he's just pure athlete."

Could he play corner back?

"He could play corner. He runs 4.35 in the 40. You're not going to run by him. It's just that he's so smart, that when you coach him and put him out on the field, he's like another coach on the field. He not only knows where he's supposed to be, he knows where everybody else is supposed to be. I think he's more valuable as a free safety."

Did Calvin have offers from other schools?

"Everybody wanted him, everybody wanted him."

Did any schools keep recruiting him after his commitment to Penn State?

"A lot of them would've been after him and bothered him, but it's my philosophy that once a kid makes a commitment, the only contact that they would have with one of my kids would be if they did it through the home, because I would not let them make contact here at school."

"NC State never really backed off of him. NC State stayed after him right up until Christmas. The others, Tennessee included--, Tennessee told me that if he changed his mind and did not go to Penn State, he had a full grant to Tennessee. Dan Brooks, who is a recruiter for this area, was very honorable and did not contact him or make any efforts to contact him."

"Ohio State wanted to talk to him and I said 'only if the kid wants to talk to you.'"

"If he had not committed when he did, he could've gone most anyplace he wanted to go to school."

"He's a great talent. He's a very tough kid, but he has tremendous athletic ability. He's a great leaper. There was one game we played this year where we beat one of the best teams in the state when we weren't supposed to. We beat them at their place and he had 7 catches for something like 140 yards. They couldn't cover him. They could not take him out of the game."

Spencer Lowry

Calvin's younger brother, Spencer, just started playing for Douglas Byrd last season.

"He started on the corner for 13 games this past season and was used some as a wideout. In the first playoff game, he made 2 great catches. We had to move Calvin to tailback because our tailback (Brian Bethea) went down and we put Spencer out there where Calvin would play. Spencer caught one for a touchdown and then made a great catch that got us another touchdown after the catch."

"If he gets a little bigger, then I think the corner would be a great position for him. I talk to him about everyday about it. He's about 160 now, 165, but to play corner in college, you have to be up around 180, 185 or a hard rock 175."

"As a wideout, as well as he runs, he could probably play somewhere around 165, 170. He's about 5-11, he's not quite as tall as Calvin who is about 6-1. I think he may spurt this summer because the dad is a good-size man. He's probably around 6-2."

"When they had him in camp up at Penn State last summer, it seems to me that he ran a 4.5. I think he's 4.5 or a shade under, but I think he's going to be faster this year. We've only had him for a year. If we would've had him since the 9th grade, he'd be a lot bigger and he'd be probably faster than what he is right now. He's going to run track this spring so that will help his speed. I'm hoping he runs at least the low 4.4's and maybe he comes in at 4.4 or less, I don't know. He's got Calvin's genes in him, he could do it.

"He's getting mail from Wake Forest and Virginia. It's that time of year when I send their names out and the colleges respond with questionnaires. They'll get as much mail as they can handle. But, the May recruiting is the key in this thing, and I need to put together the highlight tapes for our tailback and for Spencer so that people can get a good look at him when they come in."

Is Penn State interested in Spencer?

"Yeah, I think they want him to come back up for camp this summer. They're going to watch him and his progress. They like him and if he's anything like Calvin as he grows and matures--. We had Calvin from the 9th grade on. We got Spencer last year at the end of his 10th grade year. We missed 2 years with him because he was at another school."

Brian Bethea

Is tailback Brian a Division I prospect?

"Oh, I don't think there's any question about that. Coach Johnson from Penn State like him. He saw him in our weight room during the recruiting process with Calvin and said he liked him.

"He's not big as running back standards go, he's probably 5-10, 175, 180, but runs with great vision. He sees the entire field when he runs and that's a rare thing to find in a kid. But, he's also a great corner. He's a 4.45 in the 40."

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