Ohio TE Describes Junior Day

The big tight-end attended a junior day at Penn State this past weekend. He describes the day's activities in detail. He already has a couple of offers and is very interested in Penn State.

Name: Louis Irizarry
Position: TE / OLB
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 230 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.7 "I ran a 4.6 around 2 years ago after my freshman year."
Bench Press: 275 pounds
School: Ursuline High, Youngstown, OH

Louis visited State College this past Saturday with his parents for Penn State's Junior Day.  He was Ursuline's lone representative.

"Our coach just resigned," Louis said.  "He must not have gotten out the letters [to the other Ursuline players].

"They (Penn State coaches) were saying that they invited them (Terrence Graves-RB, Matt Maizel-OL and Isaiah Poindexter-CB) to come up.  Five or six guys from my school went up there last year to go see a game, Penn State verses Miami."

Louis plays outside linebacker in additon to tight-end.  However, he is being recruited to play tight-end in college.

"My freshman year, I had 15 for 250 yards and one touchdown.  My sophomore year, I had 46 catches for 962 yards and 8 touchdowns.  My junior year, I had 31 catches for 558 yards and 7 touchdowns.

"We had Josh Swogger (Washington State) during my sophomore year," Louis said when asked about the decline in his statistics last season.  "He was a great quarterback.  The kid that quarterbacked last year, Daryll Clark, was a sophomore and it was his first time starting.

"We had Jimmy Riley (Louisville) too, a receiver.  He got most of the touches."

Will Louis be the "go to" guy this year?

"I guess, that's what they're saying."

Louis already has a few verbal scholarship offers.

"Wake Forest offered me, and so did Michigan State.  Penn State is going to send something in the mail because Coach Paterno wasn't there Saturday.  He was at a Nike convention or something.  They're going to offer when he's back.  I'm supposed to give him a call or something."

According to Louis, Jay Paterno told him that Penn State is going to offer him a scholarship.

"He said that when his dad gets back, they're going to get me on the phone with him."

Louis is in the process of visiting several schools.

"I'm going to Ohio State this Saturday.  I went to Michigan on Sunday.  That was real nice.  Notre Dame came up a couple of days after signing day [to my school]."

Louis did a very nice job describing the events of the Junior Day at Penn State this past weekend.

"There were about 30 kids.  It was pretty nice.  First, we went there and they separated us into our positions (about 7 or 8 in Louis' group).  We met with our position coach.  He (Bill Kenney) talked about what he expects out of that position, what their guys are like.  He showed us a highlight film of the tight ends.

"Then, we took a tour of their football hall, the weight room and all that.  We went to the stadium and walked out on the field and then had lunch.

"They had a players panel too.  They had about 10 guys.  They ranged from a freshman who wasn't even there 6 weeks to the 5th year seniors and we got to ask them questions.  None of the coaches were in there, so it was pretty cool.

"They took us on a bus tour of the campus.  We went downtown.  Then they took us into a student union hall (HUB).  It was pretty nice.

"Then they had the basketball game.  I stayed for about 10 minutes of the basketball game because we had to get home."

What did Penn State tell Louis about the tight-end position?

"They said that they recruited zero this past signing day.  They need 5 guys so they'll probably recruit about 3 or 4.

"Coach Kenney was telling me that they want a tight end that they can use more as a flanker or a pass guy.  Even last year, they said they split their tight end.  At times, they flanker him out, inside, on the line, whatever.  You name it they do it.  He said they do most of the stuff that I'm accustomed to, or they want to.  Personally, I didn't really see all the things that he was talking about, but maybe they want a better guy that can do all of those things before they do it."

Being from Ohio, did Louis grow up an Ohio State fan?

"All my uncles were.  Growing up, I never got into college football, just the Dallas Cowboys."

Does Louis have any favorite teams at this early stage?

"Notre Dame is like a dream almost, tradition wise.  They say the academics can't be beat.  I like Miami because that's like a tight-end oriented offense.  Oklahoma and Ohio State [are some others]."

Is Louis interested in Penn State?

"Yeah, I'm very interested actually."

He has family in Harrisburg.

"It's hard to tell if I want to stay close to home.  It would be nice, but if a school like Oklahoma or Miami came along, I wouldn't hesitate to go to either one of them."

Louis has not yet heard from Oklahoma or Miami.

Was teammate Terrence Graves' statement that he and Louis are thinking about playing for the same school accurate?

"Yeah, we were thinking about it.  I like the warm weather too, but I wouldn't complain."

Louis received a scare about a year ago.

"I had a minor stroke at the end of March.  They didn't find the cause.  They said that I probably tore a very small vessel while lifting.  There's a really small area of scar tissue on the left side [of his head].

"About 5 hours after I had the stroke, it just went away.  I was slightly paralyzed.  I was just talking with the guys and my speech started slurring and I thought it was funny at first.  Then, all of a sudden I couldn't talk, the words wouldn't come out.  I got real weak and then I fell down."

Louis feels fine now and is not worried about his health.

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