FOS Audio: Knowledge Timmons

Fight on State caught up with future Nittany Lion and current Big 33 selection Knowledge Timmons. Excited to get to PSU, he discusses when he is heading up to Penn State to join the team and where he expects to play, which could surprise a lot of PSU fans.

Knowledge Timmons was in Happy Valley this weekend practicing with the Big 33 Pa squad. He discusses his current size, preparing for the collegiate level of play, whether he actually second guessed his decision to play for PSU during his recruitiment and the story behind his first name.

He also talked about watching his friends Justin King and Derrick Williams in the Blue White Game and what it was like for him and his track career, among other topics.

Knowledge Timmons Audio

If you are unable to listen to the audio interview here is a summary of his comments:

  • He is excited to play in the Big 33, especially with the caliber of talent around him on the squad.
  • He really enjoyed the experience of meeting the guys on the Pennsylvania squad in order to see their tlent first hand and get to know them.
  • Knowledge is heading to Penn State in late June or early July to workout and meet his teammates. He'll then head to Hershey to play in the Big 33 and then come back up to campus.
  • He wants to get on campus early to learn the offensive playbook and work towards "getting some time out there next year."
  • Knowledge says he can play both ways, but feels he can help the team more on offense off the bat since he is "a little small right now" at about 175 pounds.
  • He was up for the Blue White Game and discussed seeing his friends Justin King and Derrick Williams play. As he said, "It was amazing." He is happy that both of them played well in the game and got to show off their skills and he can't wait to play with them.
  • He has been up to Penn State "about every other weekend" to hang out with the players and get used to the surroundings. King and Williams have been "helping me out" he explained.
  • Knowledge second guessed his decision to go to Penn State for "dumb reasons." He decided Penn State is a "better place" for him because he likes the players and coaches and feels comfotable.
  • He feels he will primarily play offense, maybe a little defense and some special teams, but he wants to take it all in his first year and "get everything down." He says he will play where the coaches need him.
  • His mom named him Knowledge in order to give him a unique name from his two sisters and two brothers. He likes his name because people remember it.
  • He had his last track meet Friday.


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