FOS Audio: Golden Opportunity

With the wide receiver unit featuring youth and inexperience, one of the "veterans" of the group shares his thoughts on where he sees the passing game going, the regular-season use of the spread offense and the overall state of the offense coming out of the spring sessions.

Terrell Golden also talks about his observations of both Justin King and Derrick Williams and they hype swirling around them.

Terrell Golden Audio

If you are unable to listen to Golden's comments we have provided a summary of our discussion with him below.

  • Golden thinks the receivers will improve this year due to a dramatic increase in confidence. They are more focused and not impacted as much by a dropped ball.
  • Meeting the new receivers has been fun. They get along very well. It is more about helping the unit get better than competiting against each other. He says they just work hard, play all out and whoever gets the starting job gets it.
  • Golden jokes with Derrick Williams and Justin King a little about the hype they have, but he feels they have shown they deserve the hype they both have. He says they tease him about being the "old guy."
  • Both Williams and King have done great since day one. They each have adjusted to the game so well and play all-out on every snap. They are very comfortable out there, which is rare for true freshmen and he is very proud of them.
  • The four-wide set excites him. He is "pretty sure it is something we will see more of in the regular season."
  • The four-wide set will stretch the field and help the running game a lot.
  • The receivers don't feel they have anything to prove, since it really is a fresh, new unit. The guys just go out and play hard and with confidence on every down.

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