FOS Audio: Nate Bump Talks MLB

The former Nittany Lion starting pitcher took some time out to chat with Fight on State about his time in Blue and White and experiences in the minors and pros.

Nate Bump, now a reliver with the Florida Marlins also discussed his transition from a starter to reliever and the challenges he has faced making the transition to the bullpen.

Nate Bump Audio

If you are unable to listen to Nate's audio interview we have provided a recap of his interview below:

  • Nate feels that the Marlins are playing pretty consistent and although you can't get too excited since the season is a long one and you have to maintain a good pace in order to consistently succeed as a team.
  • As a reliever he discussed how it can be a challenging role when you have a solid pitching rotation. Nate has to consistently maintain his focus, but also says it helps the team a lot when the starters can get a complete game in here and there.
  • He discussed making the trasition from a starter in college and the minors to a reliever in the pros. He says it was more of a mental transition for him than a physical one. As a starter he knew he would be out there regularly and was pretty predictable.
  • He is comfortable with where he is right now and enjoys the bullpen role. He feels good and is throwing the ball well.
  • He is excited to be part of such a young staff and thinks they have some exciting things ahead of them.
  • He loved playing for Penn State and has a lot of great memories, particularly his no hitter and the playoffs.
  • He sees the team currently in a trasition period currently, but thinks they can make some great strides.
  • Nate talked about getting traded. He was drafted by the Giants and moved to Florida. He is always looking to find himself as a pitcher and focuses on mechanics.
  • He feels his experience in the minors made his jump to the big leagues that much sweeter, since he really appreciated it whn he got there.


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