3 More NJ Prospects

Penn State is also recruiting these 3 New Jersey teammates. One prospect attended the Penn State Junior Day on February 16 and was thoroughly impressed.

Name: Joe Kedra
Position: MLB / OT
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 215 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.7
Bench Press: 270 pounds
School: Camden Catholic High, Cherry Hill, NJ

Joe Kedra had an outstanding year for Camden Catholic, especially on the defensive side of the ball.  Kedra plays offensive tackle, but according to his head coach, Dennis Scuderi, he will play linebacker in college.

Camden Catholic finished the year 8-3, losing in the state semi-finals.  Joe played in 10 of the 11 games.  He was nursing an injury and did not play in the Thanksgiving Day game since it had no playoff implications.

"He had 5 interceptions, 4 for touchdowns and 169 tackles," Coach Scuderi said.  "[The touchdown returns] were all over 40 yards.  He has very good speed.

"He was All-South Jersey, 1st Team All-State (Associated Press) and he made All-Area.

"He's a big time player.  Everybody I've talked to, everybody that saw his film said he's a big time player."

Joe has at least one scholarship offer already.

"Rutgers already has [offered]," Joe said.  "I just released my transcripts to Boston College and Maryland, and as long as my grades are good enough, they're going to offer me."

Joe currently has a 3.3 GPA.

The standout linebacker has also heard from Penn State, Northwestern, Iowa, Tennessee, Notre Dame and others.

He has attended Junior Days at Maryland, Rutgers and Penn State (February 16).  Penn State has not yet offered Joe a scholarship.

"It's awesome up there," Joe said when asked about the Junior Day at Penn State.  "It's unbelievable."

Joe was very impressed with the football facilities, especially the weight room.

"Nothing is close to it they say."

During the Junior Day, Joe was able to talk to both Brian Norwood and Ron Vanderlinden.

"I think Penn State's going to [offer] too.  They said they have to run the tapes by Coach Paterno.  They actually saw the tape about 2 days before the Junior Day.  They like the way I hustle, because I play every down of the entire game.  I'm even on the kickoff teams."

He's going to Boston College in April with teammates Nick Cangelosi and Byron Williams to tour the school.

Joe is being recruited to play linebacker.

"Some people want me to play a roaming linebacker and some people want me to play middle linebacker, strong linebacker.

"I like the contact."

Joe does not have any favorite teams at this early stage.

"Penn State has the nicest facilities, but the other schools' [facilities] are real nice too.  They're re-doing Rutgers' facilities, they're supposed to be almost as big as Penn State's.  They say the weight room is going to be bigger.  We'll see, I'll have to go up and look at it again.

"I'm still debating which college camp to go to [this summer].  I'm not sure yet.

"I got invited to the Nike Camp at Penn State."

Will he attend?

"I believe so, but I'm not positive yet, because some people tell me to go and some tell me not to."

Name: Nick Cangelosi
Position: QB
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 220 pounds
School: Camden Catholic High, Cherry Hill, NJ

According to Coach Scuderi, Camden Catholic quarterback Nick Cangelosi is another Division I prospect in which Penn State and a few other teams are interested.

"The same schools [are looking at him]: Rutgers, Penn State and Boston College," Coach Scuderi said.

He does not yet have any offers.

"The guy from Boston College saw the film and said that Nick has a real good chance of playing at the next level after college.

"He's mobile and has a strong arm."

Nick and teammate Byron Williams did not attend the Penn State Junior Day with Joe Kedra.

"They were supposed to.  They are very interested in [Penn State] too, but they didn't go because they play basketball and they had a basketball game that day.  They're supposed to go up in the spring time.  [Penn State] said they were going to contact us."

Note: Nick went to the Rutgers Nike Camp last year.

Name: Byron Williams
Position: WR / DB
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195 pounds
School: Camden Catholic High, Cherry Hill, NJ

According to Coach Scuderi, Byron Williams is hearing from Rutgers, Boston College, Michigan State and Pitt, in addition to Penn State.

He does not yet have a scholarship offer.

Scuderi believes that Byron will play wide receiver in college.

"He's physical.  He goes and gets the ball.  That's what has impressed a lot of people.  I know Penn State was impressed with Byron.  They're looking for big, physical receivers.  [Coach Carter] saw the film and was impressed with him."

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