Hackensack's Jermaine Dias

The New Jersey DE/TE will probably play OLB in college. Dias has many offers already and more are sure to follow. Coach Ganter is well aware of what Dias can do.

Name: Jermaine Dias
Position: DE / TE (will probably play LB this year)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.52
School: Hackensack High, Hackensack, NJ


Jermaine played defensive end and tight end last year for Hackensack.


"We might move him to outside linebacker this year," said Hackensack head coach Ralph Dass.  "That's probably what he'll be in college.  He runs well enough to do it.  He played [defensive end] during his freshman and sophomore years so we just kept him there, but we might move him this year.


"When he was a freshman, he came in and played the position pretty well and we didn't have anyone better.  We probably don't have anyone better this year, but because we have enough kids that are decent, we can afford to move him to outside backer and probably get more out of him.  They can't run away from him as much.  We can move him around and do different things with him."


The move would also give prospective colleges a chance to see Jermaine play linebacker, the position he will probably end up playing in college.


"Some of them like him as a defensive end and some others actually like him as a tight-end.  But, he wants to be a defensive player.  Others definitely think he could be an outside backer.


"I think he had around 85 tackles total and around 13 sacks.  He had a whole bunch of tackles for losses, probably around 20.


"He was 1st Team All-County and 1st Team All-State.  This was his second year being All-State.  Last year, he was an All-American in one publication, Student Sports Magazine.


"He's about as good as we've had in a long time.  He's a difference maker in games.  He has quick hands and quick feet.  He's just real good.  He makes plays that make you say 'wow'.  He's not the biggest kid there is, but he can shed blocks and knows how to get around things.  A lot of people that have coached longer than I have said ‘this kid's special, you can just tell'.


"He's a kid that people are offering early.  They're not waiting to see what he does his senior year."


According to Coach Dass, Jermaine has offers from several Big East, some ACC and some Big10 schools (including Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan State).


"He's going to have a whole bunch.  He probably has around 11 solid offers with letters, and then there are others that say ‘it's definitely coming, we have to get the head coach to sign off on the letter' and things like that.


"Virginia is definitely going to offer.  Michigan, I know, has been in contact with him.


"Penn State hasn't offered him officially yet, but they're really interested in him."


Dass indicated that getting Tamba Hali to sign this past recruiting season could help with the recruitment of Dias.


"We played against [Teaneck High School] five times in the last three years.  It's been us and them in the championship game two of the last three years, and we also play them in the regular season.  I don't know what Penn State has coming back, but he's a kid that could go in there and play right away.  He just runs so well, he's athletic, he has long arms and a great motor.  He's going to be a great player.


"Franny Ganter recruits our area here and he's been in a couple of times.  They know all about Jermaine.  They send stuff to him, want him to come to camps and things like that.


"Jermaine started for us since his freshman year.  He runs so well.  He can do a lot of things that you need with those spread offenses."


Jermaine went to a camp at Syracuse last year.  He attended junior days at Boston College and Rutgers this year.


Dass does not think Jermaine was at Penn State's Junior Day on February 16.


Does Jermaine have any favorites?


"I asked him the other day, he really doesn't know yet."


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