FOS Summer Issue Cover Unveiled

Connor, Posluszny and a well-known friend are featured on the front of the next edition of Fight On State The Magazine. Our summer issue is a tribute to Penn State's strong tradition as "Linebacker U." Read on for details on when the magazine mails and what you will find inside.

A few days after we set up a photo shoot with Penn State linebackers Paul Posluszny and Dan Connor, as well as the Nittany Lion, teammates were already hassling the two players about being “cover boys.”

When you have a good thing going, word gets around quickly, even within a program long known for shielding its athletes from the media. Two weeks before our design crew began tackling our second issue, many players already knew who was going to be featured on the cover.

How did we do set up the shoot? Well, there were a few pulled strings here, dozens of phone calls there, an above-and-beyond effort by our friends in the Penn State athletic department and — most importantly — the cooperation of the three cover subjects and an outstanding job by FOS photographer Joe Rokita.

The next obvious question is why go with this theme on the cover? And the answer to that one is even easier. Penn State has long been known as “Linebacker U.” While that reputation took a bit of a hit the past few years, Posluszny and Connor lead a group of players intent on restoring the tradition.

How did that legacy start? We cover that in the magazine. What do prominent grads of Linebacker U. think of the program's recent struggles? That is in there, too.

We also catch up with a not-so-recognizable current NFL player who is carrying the Linebacker U. banner, talk with a recruit who wants to continue the tradition of great PSU 'backers, and profile three players at other positions who compete with the attitude of a Nittany Lion linebacker. You'll meet the man considered the father of Linebacker U., too.

We also investigate the Big Ten pressing questions facing the Penn State football program as it heads toward the preseason and break down the team (position-by-position) from a recruiting standpoint. ABC color man Gary Danielson chimes in with a national perspective and we also present Scout's preseason Top 25.

The magazine is going through the final editing process now and is scheduled to mail June 6. That means it should be in mailboxes within two to three weeks.

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This magazine will also be distributed on newsstands. Check in the coming weeks for details.

Note, if you place an order now for an FOS subscription that includes the magazine, the first issue you receive will not be the Linebacker U. edition but rather our preseason special that mails in August.

We've already have a photo ready to go for that issue, and rest assured, it will be every bit as slick as our current cover. We're keeping the cover subject of the preseason edition quite for now, but realize it is probably only a matter of time until leaks it.

Like we said, when you have a good thing going, word gets around.


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