Take Your Marks: QB Recruits

Fight On State's Mark Brennan and Mark Harrington discuss and debate topics concerning Penn State in their regular feature, "Take Your Marks." This time they debate quarterback recruiting for the Class of 2006.


BRENNAN: The Nittany Lions already have one commitment in this area, from New Jersey passer Brett Bracket. They should take one more quarterback if — and only if — they can land a super blue-chipper, a player like Downingtown (Pa.) West star Pat Devlin. Unless they can get a passer of that caliber, there is no sense reaching for a lower-tier prospect, not with a boatload of young quarterbacks already on the roster.

HARRINGTON: As much as it pains me to do so, I have to agree with you on this one. Assuming Brackett signs with the Lions in February, it would give Penn State a potential of five quarterbacks on the roster when Brackett enters Penn State in 2006, with Anthony Morelli, Paul Cianciolo, Kevin Suhey and possibly Daryll Clark. Brackett is considered by many to be among the top passers in the East and a top-25 quarterback nationally. Unless the Lions can land another quarterback who is as good as or better than Brackett, I think you take him and look to 2007.

BRENNAN: Playing devil's advocate — if only because I hate it when we agree — having six scholarship QBs on the roster may be a case of overkill. Especially when considering it leaves 79 ‘ships for the other 21 positions (not to mention kickers) combined. But the Lions have some wiggle room here. Clark and Suhey both have enough all-around athletic ability to play other positions if need be.

HARRINGTON: If I were a betting man I would wager that Suhey will not stick at quarterback given the depth we are looking at. Couple this with questions surrounding Clark's eligibility and that would put PSU at a possible three quarterbacks. So to play devil's advocate to your devil's advocate, PSU should consider two quarterbacks in this class, however they must be of blue-chip quality. Clark's status seems to be the hing on this recruiting door.

BRENNAN'S FINAL WORD: Playing devil's advocate to your devil's advocate to my devil's advocate, even if Penn State moves Suhey and there continue to be issues with Clark (I think he'll be fine), it's not as if the Nittany Lions are hurting for options. Jordan Lyons can play QB in a pinch and I hear Derrick Williams has a history at the position. In fact, I'll bet Williams takes a handful of snaps this season. Penn State is in a position where it can hold out for a top quarterback, and that is exactly what it will do.

HARRINGTON'S FINAL WORD: This whole issue revolves around Devlin. Is there a problem with schools using negative recruiting against Penn State, as Joe Paterno suggested last week? Is the top prospect reluctant to enter into a super-competitive situation, as many are speculating? Or could it be that Devlin just doesn't feel comfortable with Penn State for whatever reason? If there are two things I have learned in following recruiting, they are: 1. It's not over until it's over on LOI day (see Anthony Morelli) — even when you think it is over; 2. You can never predict the decision process of a 17-year-old. One interesting side note on Devlin: Word is that Virginia is the front-runner for his services. UVA currently has offers to Devlin and Jeremy Ricker (Bishop McDevitt) and is now in pursuit of Vaughn Charlton out of Southern Chester (Aven Grove), Pa. So maybe things are not exactly as they seem with Devlin.


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