Devlin Sets The Record Straight

The recruiting of one of the nation's top QBs has taken more twists and turns than a Pennsylvania logging trail. recently caught up with the soft-spoken teen to set the record straight on several published stories and rumors that have surfaced on other Internet sites. No speculation here, just the straight scoop from the source.

Exton (Pa.) Downingtown East quarterback Pat Devlin (6-foot-2, 200, 4.7) has seen both sides of the recruiting game. On one hand he's living the life that most teenage athletes only dream of, being courted by some of the best college football programs in the nation.

Then there is the other side, the not often talked about side. There are the rumors and innuendos, the questioning of his competitive spirit, even the community members who try to pull him in different directions.

The mild-mannered Devlin takes it all in stride and keeps plugging away. Thanks to a great family foundation and a tremendous work ethic, Devlin is approaching the crazy situation with the calm attitude befitting a blue-chip quarterback.

He recently shared his thoughts with in this exclusive Q&A session.

Bob Lichtenfels: First off, let's talk about where Penn State stands with you.

Pat Devlin: Penn State is still on my list. They're just not as high as they were before. I think they got the quarterback they wanted.

Lichtenfels: What do you have to say about the people who question your competitiveness?

Devlin: Anywhere you go there's going to be three or four quarterbacks, so you're always going to have to compete with someone no matter where you go.

Lichtenfels: There always seems to be a line drawn in the sand so to speak: In Pennsylvania you are a Pitt guy or a Penn State guy. You are considering both schools. Do other people try to influence you one way or the other?

Devlin: A lot of people try and influence me. Some of it gets to you, but I usually just try and have fun with it.

Lichtenfels: Have you narrowed your college choice's down as of yet?

Devlin: Not yet, I hope to very soon. I have been swamped. I had a five-hour practice on Tuesday and then I was studying for finals.

Lichtenfels: Are teams actually eliminating themselves from contention?

Devlin: Yes, schools like Georgia that have already gotten verbals from a quarterback, haven't really shown a lot of interest.

Lichtenfels: Being a laid-back kind of a kid, is it odd for you to speak to these college coaches?

Devlin: I was real nervous in the beginning, now I'm more comfortable. When you get a chance to meet the coaches and talk to them face-to-face it helps.

Lichtenfels: Who are some of the most recent coaches that you've spoken to recently?

Devlin: I talk to Coach Werner, the quarterbacks coach at Miami. I'm actually supposed to call Pittsburgh head coach Dave Wannstedt [Monday] evening.

Lichtenfels: Which school sends the most mail?

Devlin: Virginia sends a ton, like three or four a day.

Lichtenfels: How many colleges visited Downingtown East in May?

Devlin: I'm not sure, maybe 20 or more.

Lichtenfels: Any surprise visits?

Devlin: There were a few like Illinois and Akron, they came by and I wasn't expecting it.

Lichtenfels: How many scholarship offers do you have now?

Devlin: I think around 22.

Lichtenfels: Who were the last four or ffive schools to offer?

Devlin: Boston College, Iowa and Houston I think were the last ones.

Lichtenfels: Out off the 22 offers, did any of them take you by surprise?

Devlin: I would say Miami really surprised me, that offer knocked me off my feet. They spoke to me and said it would take a few weeks to evaluate some things and within a week they offered.

Lichtenfels: How has the attention you've received changed you, particularly the interviews?

Devlin: It has definitely made me watch what I say a lot more.

Lichtenfels: How has the process affected your family?

Devlin: It hasn't really bothered them. It's strange having all these people read about you, and people you don't know will just come up and say “Hi.” It's embarrassing a little. I'm kind of reserved and not real social.

Lichtenfels: Is that flattering or just strange?

Devlin: It's a little bit of both at times.

Lichtenfels: When I first met you in January you had only a handful of offers. Did you expect this kind of attention?

Devlin: Not at all, I was very surprised. At first a few offered, and then a few more, they just kept rolling in. I think it gets more exciting every time I get an offer.

Lichtenfels: Everyone makes a big deal out of the three Pennsylvania quarterbacks, you, Zach Frazer and Jeremy Ricker. Have you forged any type of bond or friendship with those guys?

Devlin: I guess we're kind of like friends. I haven't talked to Zach that much. I talked to Ricker a good bit, and we hang out at the combines.

Lichtenfels: In today's recruiting world it seems as though kids recruit each other. Which Class of 2006 prospects have you developed ties with?

Devlin: I've spoken to Dorin Dickerson. I first met him in Texas at the All-American Combine and we hung out on my unofficial visit to Pittsburgh. I've spoken to Vidal Hazelton, he is an awesome player. He is an amazing athlete.

Lichtenfels: What's next on the travel agenda?

Devlin: I'm going to Miami this Thursday (6/9), and I'm going to try and get to Michigan here soon.

Lichtenfels: Are you still going to decide this summer?

Devlin: I plan on deciding at the end of July or early August.

Lichtenfels: I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. Thank you.

Devlin: Anytime, nice talking to you again Bob.

Devlin was named first-team Associated Press Class AAAA All-State and first-team All-Chester-Montgomery County last season. He passed for 2,913 yards and 27 touchdowns as a sophomore. He completed 147 of 231 passes for 2,237 yards and 21 touchdowns as a junior.


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