Ed Johnson Expelled From PSU

Late Friday afternoon, Penn State’s sports information office issued a statement on Nittany Lion defensive tackle Ed Johnson. Johnson, a three-game starter in 2004, will miss the entire 2005 season for disciplinary reasons.

The Penn State release, verbatim, is as follows:

Penn State junior Ed Johnson was found responsible for two violations of the University Code of Conduct, according to information released this week by Penn State's Office of Judicial Affairs.

Johnson received University sanctions of temporary expulsion through Summer and Fall Semesters 2005 and a permanent loss of on-campus housing contract for Code of Conduct violations of sexual misconduct and confining another student against their will.

The violations were connected to an incident that occurred in on-campus housing during the spring, 2005 semester.

Johnson had been suspended from the football team since March while awaiting these findings.

"We regret that any of our players would put themselves in a situation that might endanger others," stated Coach Joe Paterno. "Our players understand that they face team consequences beyond University sanctions and like all students must realize how at risk they are with inappropriate actions."

Johnson, of Crockett Tech in Detroit, is a 6-foot-2, 290-pounder who had 12 tackles and four tackles for loss last season. Johnson played in every game as a redshirt freshman in 2003, making 26 tackles.

Johnson was suspended from the team for part of spring practice and all of the summer semesters in 2004 for his involvement in a brawl at the PSU Ice Pavillion earlier that year.

Johnson did not face criminal charges for that incident. And he has not been charged with any crime in connection with the code of conduct violations that led to his current expulsion.


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