Ryan Mundy of Woodland Hills

Ryan plays strong safety and wide receiver for the Wolverines of Woodland Hills. He is considered by many to be the top junior prospect in the WPIAL.

Name: Ryan Mundy
Position: WR / SS
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4
School: Woodland Hills High School, Pittsburgh, PA

Ryan is considered by many to be the top junior prospect in the WPIAL.

"He could play on either side of the ball," Woodland Hills Head Coach George Novak said.  "Because we didn't throw the ball a lot, people look at him at strong safety.  This year, because of his abilities, and some kids we have throwing the ball, we're going to throw the ball more this year.  So, some people might come after him as a receiver.

"He also returned kicks for us.

"He was 1st Team All Conference."

Ryan finished the season with over 80 tackles and 4 interceptions.

Mundy has an enviable combination of size and speed.

"He just came in third in a 55-meter race (the Tri-State Track Coaches Association's Championship Meet at Slippery Rock University on February 19th).  Andrew Johnson from Central Catholic and the Vance kid (Akeem Vance) from Greensburg, who won the 100 and the 200 [meter dashes] last year, finished ahead of him.  The three of them were nose to nose."

Ryan's ran that 55-meter race in 6.4 seconds.

Division I scholarship offers have already been extended to the junior standout.

"Michigan, the University of Pittsburgh, Iowa and Michigan State are the ones that I am aware of," Novak said. "Hundreds of others are interested.  He's going to be another Stevie B. (Breaston) as far as recruiting."

Does Ryan have any favorites at this early stage?

"I wouldn't say he's leaning any way.  For anybody that lives in Pittsburgh, Pitt's a strong consideration.  Our kids seem to always like the Wolverines of Michigan too."

Penn State has been in contact with Ryan.

"Yeah, oh definitely, he gets mail from everybody.  I'm sure this May, they'll all be coming in.

"They (Penn State) may have offered him verbally, I don't know.  He's going up there for the state track meet this weekend, the winter track meet."

Mundy has already visited a few schools.

"He went up to a basketball game at Michigan.  He's been to basketball games at Pitt.  To my knowledge, that's all.  Florida has contacted him by mail.  They saw him run track last year, they were very impressed with him."

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