Ryan Mundy - Part II

Ryan talks about the local schools, some unofficial visits he has taken recently, and where he plans to attend camps this summer.

Name: Ryan Mundy
Position: WR / SS
Height: 6'2 1/2"
Weight: 205 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4
School: Woodland Hills High School, Pittsburgh, PA

Ryan's parents accompanied him to Penn State this past weekend to watch Ryan participate in a 60 meter dash event.

"I didn't get to run though," Ryan said.  "I had on the wrong type of uniform and they said I couldn't run.  I don't know [what was wrong].  I think it was my shorts.  I asked him (the head official) what was wrong and he said he couldn't tell me, he just kept walking around.  They wouldn't let me run.  I asked them if they would give me some time to change my shorts, but they wouldn't even let me do that.  So, I went all the way up there for nothing.  I was disappointed.

"My dad is my indoor track coach.  He has his own track club called River City Elite.  He was as disappointed as I was."

Ryan recently placed third in a 55-meter race during the Tri-State Track Coaches Association's Championship Meet at Slippery Rock University on February 19.  His listed time was 6.4 seconds.

"I ran a 6.3, but they round all the times to the nearest decimal.  I ran a 6.3 and the two guys who were ahead of me ran 6.3's, but their 6.3's were lower than mine."

Ryan ran a 10.7 100-meter dash during a meet last summer.  He is not sure whether or not he will run track in addition to playing football at the college level.

"There's a possibility, I'm not going to cancel that out."

Ryan played strong safety and wide receiver for Woodland Hills last season.

"I think most of the colleges are leaning towards me for defense.  But, I'm still not cancelling the possibility of playing wide receiver in college.  It all depends on how this year goes on offense.  Right now, I don't have a preference, as long as I'm on the field.

"My defensive stats were 84 tackles, 7 interceptions and 1 fumble recovery."

Ryan made1st Team All Conference.

"I was on 2nd Team All State for defense, and I was on the Student Sports All American Team for defense."

Ryan would like nothing more than for Woodland Hills to make it back to the State Championship game and win.

"That's my personal goal.  I'm taking responsibility for that this year."

Mundy already has several scholarship offers, including one from the Nittany Lions.

"Michigan, Pitt, Penn State, Michigan State, Northwestern, Iowa and Toledo have offered.

"I went up to junior days at Michigan and Pitt, and I was at Penn State this weekend."

Ryan had been to Penn State previously for prior track meets.  He is very impressed by the track facilities at Penn State.

"It's beautiful up there.  They got a nice, new track.  It's real nice up there."

The Mundys also took a quick tour of the campus and the downtown area.

"We drove around the campus for a little bit to see what they had to offer.  When I was up there, I called Coach Bradley to see if he was around, but he was actually in Pittsburgh so we couldn't meet up.

"It was nice, it was real nice.  It was a little more open than I expected.  There's not too much up there.  It's real open."

Ryan lives "right outside of Pittsburgh".

"Sort of in between," he said when asked if he was looking for a big-city school.  "I'm not a country guy, but I'm not a real big city guy either."

Ryan does not have any favorites at this early stage.

Woodland Hills teammates Steve Breaston (Michigan) and Brian Borgoyn (Penn State) signed with Big Ten schools last month.

"Steve and I are real close."

Apparently, both Breaston and Borgoyn are trying to recruit Ryan to attend the schools that they selected.

"Yeah, both of them are.  I hear that every day from them, 'go to Michigan', 'go to Penn State'.  [Brian] was actually the one who told me to call Coach Bradley when I was up there (Penn State)."

Ryan was "a big Charlie Ward guy" growing up and liked Florida State.  The Seminoles have not contacted Mundy yet.  Would he be interested if they did contact him?

"It depends on the situation, I could be, you never know."

Ryan may be leaning towards attending a school relatively close to home, so location could be an important factor.

"It is, but it isn't.  I'm going to do what's best for me.  But, I do want to see my family come and see me play, so location will probably be a factor."

Ryan went on a quick, multi-campus tour with several of his teammates last year.

"As a team, we went up to Northwestern for their passing camp.  That's the only camp I went to last year.  We [also got a chance to see] Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State and Notre Dame.

"I'm going to have a busy spring and summer this year.

"I'm going to the Nike Camp at Penn State, that's a definite.  I'm thinking about going down to Pitt for a day or two, Michigan for a day or two, Michigan State and possible Notre Dame or Ohio State."

Ryan might also visit Penn State for the Blue-White game.  He is considering both of the in-state schools.

"I've been to Pitt more than a couple of times.  I know just about the whole staff.  I know a lot of guys on the team.  A few guys that are starting down there went to Woodland Hills too.  So, I know those guys and I'm friends with them too.

"Just about everybody at my school loves Pitt too.  I hear that everyday, from teachers and stuff."

"I didn't tell them I was going up to Penn State, but a couple of teachers found out that I went up there and they were pretty mad at me," Ryan joked.

"Penn State is a good school, I like it.  I like their tradition a lot.  They have a lot of tradition and history up there.  I'm looking for that in a program."

According to Ryan, most schools are envisioning him playing strong safety or cornerback in college.

"Schools are looking for those big corners now.  That's what some of the schools are telling me (Florida and Notre Dame).

"Pitt is telling me wherever I want to play and I think Penn State is leaning towards defensive back.  There not actually saying that, but I think they're leaning towards that."

Ryan has had the opportunity to talk to several members of the Penn State coaching staff, including Coach Bradley, Coach Carter and Coach Joe Paterno.

He currently plans on taking all five of his official visits.

It seems as though many people are trying to influence Ryan's decision.

"Yeah, but I'm not going to let that affect me too much."

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