FOS Audio: Tony Tackles Topics

Head coach Joe Paterno continued his visits to fan hotbeds around the Keystone State Friday, with a trip to the Central Pa. chapter of the Nittany Lion Club. Michael Robinson, Derrick Williams and Tony Hunt traveled with the coach, and was there. In this installment, we include an audio file of Hunt talking about the upcoming year.

Hunt discussed a wide range of topics with the media members present, including the change of attitude within the team this year, his own personal goals for the upcoming season, the new offensive schemes unveiled at the Blue-White Game and his reaction to a recently publicized conversation with Paterno in which the coach challenged Hunt to find out how good he really wants to be.

Over the next several days, FOS will bring you analysis and additional audio clips and photos from Robinson, Williams and Paterno.

Tony Hunt Raw

You may want to adjust your volume to moderately high levels as the recording level of this clip is quite low.

If you are unable to listen to Hunt's interview here is a summary of his comments:

  • Hunt is pleased with where the offense is and likes what he sees a lot. The coaches have spent all off-season reviewing what the personnel is capapble of have have switched some things around to better use the speed and size they have.
  • He likes the personnel and the new schemes he is seeing currently.
  • He discussed expectations for the offense, saying, their main goal is to win the Big Ten and get back to being a contender.
  • Tony's personal goal is to run hard and support the offensive however the coaches want to use him.
  • Robinson has always been a leader on the team, so his leadership is key for the offense. He has a lot of poise and confidence playing quarterback.
  • The freshmen (King and Williams) have made a smooth transition from high school and got comfotable with the obligations of a player (classes, workouts, practices, etc.) and look great so far.
  • He has not looked closely at the Big Ten yet, but knows every team in the conference will be great and play tough so they have to prepare for the best competition out there.
  • He feels that the program and players really believe that they can get things done this year - there is a lot of confidence.
  • Hunt is staying up on campus for the summer to focus on conditioning and preparation for the season.
  • He talked about the competition for starting tailback, saying he thinks everyone is on an even playing field and feels he has to fight for his job rather than believing the position is his to lose.
  • He feels Austin Scott is looking good and gett back up to speed on the field.
  • He feels he has matured and is more open to criticism and how to improve his game to be a better player more openly.
  • He talked about his own recruitment in high school and said Coach JIohnson was a big factor for him to go to PSU over programs like USC. He just felt comfortable with Coach Johnson and how he would fit into the program at Penn State.
  • Tony was not recruited by current college players while in high school like many of the current players are doing now with recruits, but he totally understands what they are doing and feels it is great for the program. The younger guys have really been dedicated from the start, which is impressive.
  • He loves the fact he is able to go up against a great defense day in and day out. Going up against Coach Bradley's defense has made him better - a better runner and a better blocker.
  • He hopes the offense will look different this year, and feels it will be better and tougher.
  • He expects the spread to change things up for the offense and open things up on the gorund.


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