More Lift For Life Teams Announced

Once again we are teaming up with Lift For Life to support and promote the Penn State football team's commitment to raise awareness and funds to fight kidney cancer. This year's Lift For Life will take place July 15. As the event approaches stay tuned to Fight On State as the official source for Lift For Life news and interactive media. See which teams guys like Dan Connor, Jerome Hayes, Anthony Morelli and Mark Rubin have joined.

Currently several Lift For Life teams are assembling and training for the third-annual event. As of now there are 18 teams assembled with more expected. We will announce the teams over the next several days.

The Lift For Life event emcompasses 11 events which test strength, agility, speed and endurance. A common misconception with the event is that teams boasting the largest or strongest players have a hands down advantage. In fact, aside from the variety of events, Lift For Life also has a handicapping system which allows for the smaller, faster participants to compete with the larger, stronger participants.

The handicapping system breaks players into three groupings: A, B and C. Each group has different weight requirements for weight-lifting events.

Here is how the groups break down by positions:

Group A: Wide Receivers, Cornerbacks, Safeties and Tailbacks

Group B: Linebackers, Fullbacks, Defensive Ends, Quarterbacks, Kickers and Punters

Group C: Offensive Linemen, Defensive Tackles

Here are the announced teams which have formed so far for Lift For Life:

2nd to No One

Chris Harrell
Tony Davis
Darien Hardy
Ethan Kilmer

Team Tuff

Jed Hill
Ryan Harford
Joe Cianciolo
Paul Cianciolo

Team Not Named Yet

Dan Corrado
Nick Daise
Vic Surma
Blaise Iorio

Bertie Higgins

Dan Connor
Mike Hart
Brent Wise
Nolan McCready

Team Not Named Yet

Austin Hinton
Anthony Morelli
Jerome Hayes
Greg Harrison

Team Ceveo

Jason Ganter
Kevin Suhey
Patrick Weber
Mark Rubin

We Are Legend

Paul Posluszny
Jim Shaw
John Shaw
Jim Kanuch


Josh Gaines
A.Q. Shipley
Tyrell Sales
Spencer Ridenhour

Long Fredrick

Matt Hahn
Mike Lucian
Chris Auletta
Nick Pincheck

3rd to None

Joel Holler
Wyatt Bowman
Tommy Schnell
Greg Miskinis

Team P.O.S.

Mark Farris
Jeremy Kapinos
Patrick Hall
Kevin Darling

We Pay 4 School

Curt Reese
Ross Muir
Lance Antolick
Andy Kubric

Stay tuned for more team announcements and news around Lift For Life here at Fight On State. Also, visit Lift For Life's official site at

Fight On State is proud to be the official source for Lift For Life news and interactive media.


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