Drawing Up Interest in the PSU Program

FightOnState.com is pleased to unveil Penn State's 2005 football schedule poster. The project is unique this year, because rather than using a compilation of photos as was customary in the past, the centerpiece of this poster is a painting, titled “Bluprint,” by defensive end Matthew “Blu” Rice.

In the painting, Rice, a senior integrative arts major who is interested in a career in art design once his football days are complete, depicts the team gathering before a game, with fans — apparently in one of the popular “whiteouts” that have become a hit at Beaver Stadium — cheering in the background.

In a neat little twist, the only player numbers that can be seen are those of many of the team's senior leaders.

The overall theme of the poster is “Loyal Blue.”

You can see a larger (though still low-resolution) pdf version of the poster at this link.


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