Well-Rounded Jobe Gains Interest

Major-college football prospects are a dime a dozen. Major-college football prospects who excel in wrestling are less common. But add in a 4.4 GPA and 1310 SAT score and you have a rarity.

La Plata, Md., offensive/defensive lineman Eric Jobe (6-3, 270, 5.1) is something special. Not only is he a terrific athlete on the football field and wrestling mat (where he placed second in the state. He is also outstanding in the classroom. Jobe received his first scholarship offer last Thursday from West Virginia.

“I went to their camp and it went well. I worked with Coach [Rick] Trickett I really liked him,” Jobe said. “I worked on both sides of the ball. I then went back up there on Thursday to talk to Coach {Rich] Rodriguez and Coach Trickett, and they offered.  

Jobe also camped at Pittsburgh and Penn State. This is the third consecutive season Jobe has made the trip to Penn State.

“I was at Pittsburgh last Tuesday I worked with Coach [Paul] Dunn and Coach [Bob] Junko, they seemed to pay a lot of attention to me.”

“I then went to Penn State last Wednesday and it went well. It was a shortened day. It was my third year there so I was pretty comfortable. I also worked on both sides of the ball.”

Jobe has taken his share of unofficial visits to Pittsburgh, Stanford, Tennessee, Duke, North Carolina, West Virginia and Penn State. <p>

Penn State: I really like Coach [Larry] Johnson; he used to coach down here in Maryland. They have a great atmosphere there with over 100,000 people at their games.”

Pittsburgh: I was at a combine there, they said they were impressed with me. They have the nicest facilities that I’ve seen. Coach [Greg] Gattuso visited me at our school.”

Stanford: It was a wonderful trip. They’re reducing the size of the stadium. That project would be done by the time I’m a freshman. A degree from Stanford is very impressive, and the coaching staff is really nice.”

Tennessee: “There were a lot of kids at Tennessee. Their indoor facility was very impressive.”

Duke;They like me as an offensive lineman; they have impressive facilities as well.”  

North Carolina: “Their facilities are on of the best I’ve seen.”

West Virginia: “Coach [Bill] Stewart came by the school this spring. I went to a spring practice there and I got to talk to Coach Rodriguez and Coach Trickett.”


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