Cline-Heard Spreads Wings for Hawks

We caught up with former Penn State hoop standout Gyasi Cline-Heard, who has been playing for the Atlanta Hawks this summer in the 2005 Rocky Mountain Revue. The tournament is being held July 15-22 at the Salt Lake Community College in Salt Lake City with five other NBA squads, including the Spurs, Jazz, Mavricks, Sonics and Bobcats.

Though the Hawks are 1-3 headed into today's clash with the Utah Jazz, Cline-Heard has taken advantage of the opportunity to showcase his talents for NBA squads. As he explained, "So far, so good. Hopefully I can have two more solid days here and finish out with a strong statement."

Through the first four games of the Revue the forward had played a total of 59 minutes, shot 60 percent from the field and scored 32 total points. His strongest performance was against the San Antonio Spurs, where he led the Hawks with 16 points and 10 rebounds. Unfortunately, he also missed 10 of 14 free throws in that game, making it a bittersweet performance.

He talked about the level of competition and what it has done for him as a player, saying, "Every game at this level is always tough because every team you face has NBA talent on it. It's a challenge, but a good challenge — makes you better all around."

With the Rocky Mountain Revue wrapping up in two days, Cline-Heard is now considering what's next for him. "Talking [to teams] is the next step. I have gotten some interest from Atlanta, but as for other possible teams, it is pretty much up in the air right now," he explained.

Cline-Heard said a major goal for him has always been to play in the NBA, so this experience has been a valuable stepping stone toward achieving that. "Has playing at this level been a goal? Always," he shared.

With two more games on the slate against the Jazz and Bobcats, you can follow Cline-Heard's progress in the Rocky Mountain Revue at their offical site here.

Cline-Heard, a 2001 PSU graduate, is the 19th-leading scorer in school history (1,058 points). He has spent the last four years playing in U.S. minor leagues and at the international level, most recently in South America.

Getting back to his Penn State career, Cline-Heard's last game as collegian was a loss to Temple in the 2001 Sweet 16. The game was played, as fate would have it, in Atlanta.


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