PA Lineman Joel Holler

The big Pennsylvanian already has several scholarship offers. More are sure to come for the McCaskey star who is arguably the best OL prospect in the state. Joel discusses his future plans.

Name: Joel Holler
Position: OT
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 334 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.4
Bench Press: 300 pounds
School: J.P. McCaskey High, Lancaster, PA

"I think he's going to be the top recruited lineman on the east coast," said McCaskey head coach Scott Feldman. "There isn't anyone he hasn't been able to handle. He's a dominant, dominant player. He started every game since his freshman year. The exciting thing for college coaches is that he really hasn't matured yet. When that happens, and he gets that extra strength, he's going to be a killer."

Joel excels on both sides of the ball.  He played offensive tackle and defensive end for McCaskey last season.

"He plays defensive-end, but we have him in a seven technique, so he doesn't really have any outside responsibilities.

"He was 2nd Team All-State. He was the only junior on any of the teams (1st, 2nd or 3rd Team All-State). He made a bunch of All-American teams at the end of the year too."

Holler already has a few scholarship offers.

"He has written offers from Maryland, Michigan State and Vanderbilt and he has verbal offers from Miami, Pitt and Penn State.

"Every day at school I get phone calls from teams like Stanford, Michigan, both Georgia teams, Northwestern, Purdue, it's getting crazy."

Bill Kenney is recruiting Joel for Penn State.

"Coach Kenney told me that they'll take him right now, but he hasn't gotten an offer letter from them.

"Tom Freeman from Pitt absolutely loves him. He's going to make a strong push for him too. He went out to their camp. He went out to dinner with the coaches and made a real good impression on them. He went to Virginia Tech's camp last year also."

Joel attended a summer camp at Penn State two years ago.  According to Coach Feldman, Joel will be going to the Nike Camp at Penn State on April 21.

"He was at 5 or 6 of Penn State's games last year. I think he hit almost every home game but one. They're very interested obviously."

Joel has only been able to attend one junior day so far.

"We went down to the Maryland-Duke game at Maryland.

"He will go to camps this year, but it will be a one-day thing. It'll be more just to meet the position coach and see the school, so I'm not sure he will even go to the schools he's already gone to. Jeff Smoker from Michigan State called him the other night. Their offensive line coach said 'he's the one I want'."

Does Joel have any favorites?

"Joel doesn't really talk to me about it, but I would say Penn State has the inside track. Who knows? He had a good visit at Maryland and he was excited when Miami offered him."

Coach Feldman expects to be very busy during the May evaluation period.

"Every coach that's called me and spoken to me said that they are going to be up at least once. Some of them said they'd be up twice. He's going to get a whole lot of looks this spring."

Joel had another terrific season for McCaskey last year.

"He gave up no sacks," McCaskey offensive line coach Mark Stauffer said.  "He had about 48 pancakes and around 50 knockdowns. A knockdown is just knocking a kid off his feet, not pancaking him though. A pancake to me is when you get a hold of a guy and you put him flat on his back. A knockdown to me is just knocking him off balance and the kid falls down.

"He plays offensive tackle on the open side.  He also played defensive end.  He played a seven technique this year for us pretty much the entire time. If we went to a 3-4 look then sometimes we'd play him straight on the center and make the kid think twice about snapping the ball.

"He's just a powerhouse. He ended last year at about 450 pounds on his squat. He benched about 300 pounds last year. He's got extremely long arms so his benching gets difficult because he's got such a big wing span. He was also at about 515, 520 pounds for the dead lift, so he's strong, extremely strong. He just has that presence on the field too, just that natural strength out there.

"He's still growing.  He's just under 6'6" right now."

According to Coach Stauffer, Joel may attend the next junior day on March 23 at Penn State "depending on how states are going with basketball."

Joel has been busy playing basketball for McCaskey.  He is a reserve center for the team.

Coach Stauffer believes that Joel play on the offensive side of the ball in college.

"I'm thinking possibly a strong-side tackle position in college.

"Michigan State just loves him. Their coach said he's the number one guy for them. He was looking at hundreds of films and Joel just popped right out.

"Coach Kehoe (Miami) is pretty good friends with Feldman and said 'just tell him he's offered'.

"I think he's number one on the board for Penn State."

Joel plans to attend several camps this summer.

"He's going to do day camps," Coach Stauffer said.  "He's looking at Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, possibly hitting Purdue and Ohio State. I know Michigan and Michigan State are definites."

"I'm not really sure yet," Joel himself said.  "We're still figuring out the schedules for the camps and everything."

Joel and his father have been Penn State fans for quite some time.

"I watched Penn State all my life, but that doesn't really mean that I want to go there. It's open."

The signing of several top offensive lineman by the Nittany Lions last month could possibly hinder their chances to sign Holler next February.

"Penn State picked up a lot of them. I want to go to a school where I can play right away, so that's what I'm looking for. I'm asking college coaches."

Joel is a terrific student with at or near a 4.0 GPA.  He already received a qualifying SAT score as a sophomore.

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