PSU To Offer QB in Person

The big, young quarterback already has close to 10 scholarship offers. The Nittany Lions will offer when the star prospect visits State College next month.

Name: Marcus Stone
Position: QB
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 220 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.65
Bench Press: 360
School: Bishop McDevitt High School, Harrisburg, PA

Bishop McDevitt had a rough season last year, but that hasn't deterred the number of Division I coaching staffs going hard after Marcus Stone.

"We didn't have a good year," Bishop McDevitt Head Coach Jeff Weachter said.  "We had a lot of injuries. We were only 2-8 after going 9-1 the year before and being 8th in the state. At one point, we were down 10 starters. Every game was close, but it just didn't happen for us.

"Marcus threw for around 1,500 yards as a junior. He had roughly 15 touchdowns and probably 10 or 11 interceptions. We didn't have quite the receiving corps that we had the year before. As a sophomore, he threw for 2,000 yards and 20 touchdowns with only 5 interceptions.

"He's a prototypical pocket passer. Marcus can do it all, including throwing on the run.

"He's working with a speed trainer now and they think he's going to be [a lot faster] by time the season rolls around. He's a freak athlete. He was probably our 2nd or 3rd strongest kid last year. He put up 360 on the bench. He's a physical specimen. He can throw the ball 45 yards on a line and he can probably throw it 70, 75 yards in the air. He's a drop-back passer, but we run a little bit of option and he runs that pretty well. If he wasn't a quarterback, he'd be a Division I linebacker."

Marcus already has close to 10 scholarship offers.

"He has quite a few so far. NC State offered him last September going into his junior year."

Pitt, Iowa, Arizona, Colorado and Maryland are some schools that have offered Stone.  Penn State has told Coach Weachter that they will offer.

"He just has to go up because he missed the junior day and they wanted to do it in person. We're going up the week after Easter and they're going to offer him. We're going to do it during the week because we have workouts [on Saturdays]. We don't want to be 2-8 again, so we've been out on the field that last 3 Saturdays.

"There are also a number of others that say they're going to offer.  He's heard from Michigan, Tennessee, Michigan State and a lot of other schools."

Coach Weachter expects Marcus to earn many more scholarship offers.

"We had a receiver 2 years ago, Fred Lee, that had close to 40 offers and I'm expecting that Marcus will probably have a little bit more.

"He and his dad went down to Florida last year for Spring vacation and they hit all of the Florida schools. Spurrier really liked him and they invited him back to camp."

Marcus decided to take the Gators up on their offer.

"He went down to Florida's quarterback camp [last summer] and, out of 90 quarterbacks, he won Outstanding Quarterback of the camp."

Marcus has only been to one junior day so far this year.

"He plays basketball so it's been tough for him, but he went down to the Maryland junior day when Maryland played Duke in basketball."

Marcus is not close to making a final decision.

"He's pretty wide open.  He's just sitting back and trying to evaluate what the best situation is for him to go into.

"We'll sit down sometime in May with his parents and decide which camps he'll go to. He'll probably go to about 4 or 5 camps and see which quarterback coaches he likes.

"The guy that helps me out with my quarterbacks, Dick Shiner, played 11 years in the NFL. So, Marcus is probably ahead of most kids coming out of high school. Dick Shiner is in the University of Maryland Hall of Fame.  Dick believes in Friedgen's offensive philosophy, and I think Dick would like to see him go there, but he's not really going to push him."

Penn State is obviously very interested in the big, young quarterback..

"They've known about Marcus--, most people in the country have known about Marcus because he's started since he was a freshman. People have been in my office a lot. Last year, we only had one Division I kid (Bryan Crummel) because we only had one senior play, but 2 years ago we had 3 kids go Division I and 3 years ago we had 4 kids go Division I and 2 kids go I-AA. So, Marcus has gotten a lot of exposure. A lot of people have come in and watched our practices and things like that, so a lot of people have known about Marcus.

"We've opened up with State College the last couple of years, so they've gotten a chance to see him at Penn State. When he was a sophomore, he had a great game against them.

"Last year, we went up to Penn State's 7-on-7 team camp and they pretty much had a coach watching him the whole time. We probably played about 8 games and there was always a Penn State assistant watching one of our games. West Allegheny and [Tyler] Palko was there. The kid from Pennridge that committed to Maryland, Hollenbach, was there. Marcus was head and shoulders above everyone.

"Larry Johnson recruits our area. We sent 2 kids up there, not last year, but the 2 prior years (Dethrell Garcia and Dan Acri)."

Marcus will not be attending the Blue-White game at Penn State because McDevitt has workouts on Saturdays.  Weachter is unsure whether or not Marcus will attend the Nike Camp at Penn State on April 21.

"We're going to go up to their 7-in-7 camp again. We enjoyed ourselves up there. It was good competition."

Marcus will be at Pitt on Thursday.

"I'm taking 6 or 7 kids out to Pitt on Thursday since we are off from school. They're having a junior day on April 6, but it's a Saturday, so I talked to them and we're just going to go out and take a look."

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