The Life Of Spice: Part 1

Nittany Lion legend Anthony "Spice" Adams is starting up another year in the NFL and once again is sharing his diary from camp. Get an inside look as he takes you through the ins and outs of NFL camp with the San Francisco 49ers.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Anthony Adams will go down as one of the most outgoing players in Penn State football history. Always with something interesting to say, and never afraid to say it, the defensive lineman is now in his third year with the San Francisco 49ers. But he has not forgotten his roots. We would like to thank Anthony for agreeing to do occasional reports from the 49ers preseason camp in San Jose.

Camp Diary: Aug. 5, 2005

Today was a better day for me! I feel like I have my legs under me and I have better overall explosion off the snap. The last couple of days I have been feeling sluggish. I just pray to God that I can stay healthy since something has happened to me in every training camp I have participated in. Staying healthy has been a challenge for me in past camps.

Actually, this is the first camp where I feel comfortable with the defense and know and understand everything that is going on. I guess it's the sign of being a veteran in the league. We have switched our defense from a 4-3 to a 3-4 scheme and now I have a chance to play defensive end. This is new, but exciting and different.

What is really funny is that I actually enjoy the move to end, but it also helps me to play nose guard more effectively because I know what the ends are doing at all times — I understand their tendencies and responsibilities better. In addition, if the ends have a question they can ask me and I can actually help them out. If you know me, I am very energetic and I talk ... a LOT ... so I hope I am helping the line, especially the younger guys. It's tough being a rookie or newcomer to a team.

We have been in camp for a week, but it feels like forever! I feel good overall though. I have really been taking care of my body better this off-season. I lift immediately following practice, then I get into the cold tub, the hot tub, then I stretch and then head home for some rest. Experience helps you take better care of yourself.

I'm eating a lot of vegetables and protein. We now have a nutritionist who monitors what I eat, so I'm eating healthy foods and I actually like it! Praise God! I have noticed a lot of change in my energy and endurance because of my shift in easting habits, so it definitely works. I have not had my Gatorade with Gatorlytes in awhile, so I am catching a cramp in my hand (LOL), so I'll end for now right here. Until next time...

Anthony Adams Jr., DT #91

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