Life of Spice: Part 2

Former Nittany Lion defensive tackle Anthony "Spice" Adams, who now starts for the San Francisco 49ers continues his NFL camp diary, which provides a unique inside look at the ins and outs of NFL camp.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Anthony Adams will go down as one of the most outgoing players in Penn State football history. Always with something interesting to say, and never afraid to say it, the defensive lineman is now in his third year with the San Francisco 49ers. But he has not forgotten his roots. We would like to thank Anthony for agreeing to do occasional reports from the 49ers preseason camp in San Jose.

Camp Diary: August 10, 2005

Today is Wednesday and we have no evening meetings on Wednesdays, so I have a little free to to spend with my fiancee and catch everyone up on how camp is progressing.

We had a scrimmage on Saturday and I feel I did farily well in the contest. The thing is that I am my own worst critic, so some people in the program feel I did well, but I know deep down I could have done better overall.

I ended up with a couple of tackles and a sack, but I should have done better on some plays out there. My motor is always running, but I have to push through the fatigue and trust my instincts. Shifting between end and tackle seems like it would be easy, but the positions have some dramatic differences, which can be a challenge to adjust to.

We are now preparing to play the Oakland Raiders this coming Saturday, and honestly I can't wait! My teammates and I want to go against someone else - it will be fun to face other Nittany Lions like Kerry [Collins] and Omar [Easy].

We have been at it in camp for a little over a week already and it is about time to start playing some games.

I had a good practice this morningand I felt a lot better today overall. I have been in the cold tub after every practice and my teammates make jokes about me living at the 49ers facility. The thing is I don't like to leave practice until I feel I have done everything possible that will help me wake up and feel good for the next day.

This means hitting the cold tub, the hot tub, stretching after each practice and showering. I just take my time because I don't like rush. Overall I think I have had a good camp at both nose tackle and defensive end.

Oh and you can log on to catch information and photos on me and the team at

Until next time,

Anthony Adams, Jr., DT #91


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