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Welcome to the most recent installment of Fight On Statements, where premium members ask questions on the Total Access Board — questions about PSU players and positions, the coaches and conference, recruits and rankings, and everything in between — and the staff answers. In this edition we cover topics ranging LeSean McCoy to stadium changes.

PSUSmitty Asks: Is it true that how we perform on the field this fall will be the prime barometer for how much real interest LeSean McCoy shows in Penn State? How does PSU stack up with the others on his list?

Bob Lichtenfels Answers: It could be true, it could be that McCoy already has his mind made up. I can honestly say I wouldn't even want to try and guess where he's going right now.

Mark Harrignton Answers: As Bob indicated, it would appear on some levels that McCoy has made up his mind, especially when he told Scout this week "My decision may surprise some people. I gotta do what I gotta do." Figuring out what that means exactly is about as easy as getting into Penn State's practices.

psufan2020 Asks: Evan Royster seems to be a pretty big-time back. Is Penn State looking hard at this kid, he seems to have some pretty good stats and would fit in well with our offense. Are we one of his favorites? Also with Gbadyu commiting elsewhere, which linebackers does Penn State seem to be targeting. I know Hunter, Bowman and McCarthy are a few, as is Micah Johnson, but are there any other guys we may not know about that we are after at linebacker.

Bob Lichtenfels Answers: The longer you can stay in the mix with the big-time kids, the better your shot. Royster will be tough, since most of the time those kids go to Virginia Tech or Virginia. As far as linebacker's go I assume you mean "Plan B" type recruits, most of which are unknown right now until others start falling off the board.

wvulionatheart Asks: Are there any prospects out there we have at one time targeted that you see us having no shot at, no matter how hard we recruit them or how well we do this season?

Bob Lichtenfels Answers: Hazelton and Adjepong come to mind. Again, if you ask about a specific team you're going to get what you want to hear, but you learn to read between the lines with these recruits.

CarolinaDave Asks: Can we get some updates from the following players and their interest in PSU:

Jason Kates
Isiah Williams
Aaron Berry

Bob Lichtenfels Answers: Updates have been done on Williams and Berry this week on our network. If you call them and ask specifically about a school you often don't get a complete or accurate picture of their preferences. Personally I prefer to read the updates when a kid just gives you the information and you write what he says. I think the Kates/PSU thing has been blown out of proportion, he may not even have an offer at this point.

Carolina Dave Asks: Can anyone from FOS contact former PSU football players Josh Hannum and Bryan Borgoyn? I would love to hear how they are doing. For different reasons, they had to leave the program.

Mark Harrington Answers: Actually we have a feature on Brian Borgoyn in the upcoming issue of Fight On State Magazine. He works with the team, much like Adam Taliaferro did and is very close with the guys on the squad.

Josh Hannum plays for Ursinus to be closer to his father who has kidney cancer, coincidentally the very cause which Lift For Life benfits. There was recently a story on Josh and his dad in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

NWNittany Asks: Can someone find out what really happened to Scott last year? Did he put on too much weight because the coaches directed him to? Did he do it on is own accord?

Mark Harrington Answers: Austin Scott has had issues with his motivation in the past. It seems the staff wanted him to add some mass last season, to increase his power on runs, but the way he increased his size was a product of his own actions.

His ankle injury in the spring apparently served as a sort of wake-up call. Since then he is leaner and more toned and shed some of the unnecassry "bad" weight. He is also working out and practicing more aggressively. We'll see if it translates into improvement on the field.

Caroline Dave Asks: Is it true that there are plans to make some renovations to Beaver Stadium? I have heard rumblings of a new end zone logo, the lion logo on the 50-yard line, a brick border built around the stadium.

Mark Harrington Answers: There appear to be some changes that are expected to take place this season, like an end zone change. The brick around the stadium has been discussed for years, and frankly if they have not started by now it is unlikely they will have that sort of construction occuring during the season.

I am skeptical that you will see a 50-yard line logo, but they did change the logo above the tunnel last season, so we'll see.

Mark Brennan Answers: There will be no Lion head at the midfield. But there will be new end zone logos, which will be unveiled at Football Eve.

A couple years ago, Tim Curley told me about a plan to add more brick to the stadium, to bring it more into line with other buildings in the area (BJC, Multi-Sports Facility and now the new baseball stadium). I'll ask around and see if that is still in the works.

psuthebest asks: What are the possibilities that Terry Smith joins our coaching staff next year? If so, what do you see as the other changes in the staff to accomodate this addition?

Mark Harrington Answers: We hear about coaching changes every year — Rick Neuheisel and Steve Spurrier were two recent rumored additions in which some reporters even went as far as to say they saw them in State College — Rick Neuheisel replied he had never been to State College.

Actually Terry Smith was rumored as one as well, but I doubt we seen any major changes of this nature, but you never know.


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