FOS AUDIO: Richardson Contrite

After getting wrapped up in the off-season arrowgate mess, the veteran offensive lineman hopes to help prevent underclassmen from making the mistakes he made.

Penn State senior offensive tackle Andrew Richardson is one of three Nittany Lions who have been busted down to the fourth team for their role in the off-season arrowgate shenanigans. The others are fellow OL Tyler Reed and DT Scott Paxson. A fourth player, E.Z. Smith, was expelled from school and can't rejoin the team unitl the start of the fall semester.

Though he was not required to be there, Richardson was at Media Day Saturday (as were Reed and Paxson), and faced the press for the first time since the whole mess errupted in the spring. And to his credit, the six-game starter from 2004 did not duck questions.

In fact, in a one-on-one interview with FOS, he said he understands why Joe Paterno is punishing him and that he hopes to help underclassmen not follow in his footsteps.

"We have to take care of one another," Richardson explained. "And if someone is acting up, pull them aside and say that's not the Penn State way."

You can hear the entire Q&A at the following link.


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