FOS Quarterback Tournament

Welcome to's first Online Tournament. The idea here is to pick 16 of the best players, games, plays, assistant coaches — you name it — of the Joe Paterno era and run them through a “tournament” to determine the best of the best. We start with the Best Quarterback of the Joe Paterno Era.

There have been many fine quarterbacks in the Penn State football program.

So we picked the 16 players we rated as Paterno's top QBs, seeded them using a super secret formula that takes into account no fewer than 46 criteria, and threw them into a backet similar to a regional in the NCAA hoop tournament (No. 1 faces No. 16 in the first round, No. 2 faces No. 15, and so on).

Every day or so, we will announce a different matchup, and folks can cast their votes (and make comments) in a special thread on our Audibles message board (Click Here). These will be straight head-to-head matchups, and whoever receives the most votes advances to the next round.

Once the opening round is complete, and the field is cut from 16 to eight, we'll head into the quarterfinals. Then we'll hit the semifinals and finally the final. The winner will receive the people's ovation and fame forever.

The players are listed by seed in the bracket below. We also note the year or years in which they were Penn State's primary starter. To open the action, we pit No. 7 seed Wally Richardson vs. No. 10 seed Mike McQueary, two athletes from the same era. The lowdown on each:

10. Mike McQueary (1997)

Made the most of his one year as a starter (17 TDs, 2,211 yards) and is PSU's career leader in pass efficiency (145.57).

7. Wally Richardson (1995-96)

Benefited from outstanding receivers. But his 4,419 career yards and school-best INT percentage (2.02) speak for themselves.

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