Key Questions From Practice

With speculation swirling around players like Lavon Chisley, Mark Rubin and Dan Connor, among others, it is not surprising that Penn State fans are looking for answers. Here are some answers to pressing questions facing the Nittany Lions in preseason practice.

Is Sean Lee OK?

Lee suffered a knee strain in practice, which, although painful, is not considered a serious injury. An injury of this nature will likely keep him sidelined for a week or two.

He has been picking up schemes and drills well early on, "impressive, especially since his linebacker experince is very limited," one observer explained.

There remain mixed feelings as to whether Lee redshirts or not, but given this injury/missed practice time and the depth of the linebacker unit the situation seems to be leaning toward a redshirt.

What is the status of Lavon Chisley?

Lavon Chisley suffered a knee injury about a week and a half ago, which since has been described as "minor." However, Chsiley has had some academic issues that Joe Paterno discussed in his Media Day press conference, saying, "I am also worried about Chisley academic-wise. He was here for summer school and we won't have the final grades until next week."

There is a lot of speculation circulating around Chisley recently related to this. We are working to get the facts on the situation, which sometimes takes longer. However, we believe accuracy is of the utmost importance, for instance before we reported on Mark Rubin's ankle injury rumors had him sidelined with everything from a torn ACL to a shoulder stinger.

How does Rubin's injury change the wide receiver situation for Penn State?

As Fight On State first reported, Mark Rubin suffered an ankle injury which will sideline Penn State's only true experienced receiver indefintely.

Since the start of preseson practice in early August, the coaches have been working on the spread offense with a four-wide set at times. Make no mistake, Rubin's injury hurts with depth and sidelines the little experience that Lions had in this department, however the staff has been rotating a group of receivers, including Derrick Williams, James McDonald, Terrell Golden, Jordan Norwood, Justin King, Lydell Sargeant and Deon Butler, among others.

Rubin was seeing a lot of his snaps inside the set, rarely ever on the outside line. This would likely have guys like McDonald, Golden, Butler and Norwood rotating through his spot.

Who takes Connor's place during his suspension?

Dan Connor is likely to miss the first one to two games and lose his starting job in one to two subsequent games this season. Tyrell Sales has received some strong words of praise through the spring and preseason practices at outside linebacker.

Sales will step in for Connor through the remaining preseason practices and Connor's suspension. J.R. Zwierzynski may also see some rotation time with Sales depending on how he is able to step up and embrace the starting role.


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