Myron Lets it Rolle in FOS Chat

The country's top recruit stopped by Tuesday night to chat with the Nittany Nation. New Jersey star defensive back Myron Rolle proved to be as sharp on the keyboard as he is on field, handling a myriad of topics before getting Penn State fans into the action, asking, among other questions, how they would cover Ohio State standout receiver Ted Ginn. The session lasted nearly two hours.

Rolle said he is still considering six schools, including PSU, that he has yet to come to a decision, and that he will announce his choice on national TV from Atlantic City Sept. 1.

What else did he have to say? Read on for our chat transcript, which has been edited for clarity:

mlrolle: hello everyone

LIONdawg: Hi Myron, What do you like best about PSU?

mlrolle: i like the feeling i get from state

mlrolle: and i like baby's

StevisInHSV: myron do you like PSU's medical program?

mlrolle: the hershey medical school is awesome ... I know a med school student there ... she tells me all great things about it

PSUWonka: Welcome to the chat Myron. Yes, Baby's is a great place. What single classroom subject, if one alone can be specified, piqued your interest and drew you toward your preferred major(s) at the collegiate level?

mlrolle: neurology is the most interesting science to me ... ecology is cool too though

scurryPSU: Myron, have you made your final decision yet?

mlrolle: no i havent made my final decision yet

TheMagnum: Myron, what is the craziest promise that has been made to you in this process?

mlrolle: the craziest promise?? ... that i would be on the media guide next year before i even played a snap

jonpsu: Myron can you talk about the strenghts and weaknesses PSU has in recruiting vs your other six remaing schools? I wish you the best no matter where you choose!

mlrolle: well the one weakness psu had was that they did not win much in the last couple years ... but i feel they have the talent to do so in the future ... the positives are innumerable — proximity, playing time, coaching staff, stud players, and of course a solid academic school

psufan2020: Myron, have u talked with Dwill recently and if so what advice did he have to give u?

mlrolle: i talked to d-will tonite

jerpsu00: Myron, how do Penn State's football facilities compare to the other schools you visited?

mlrolle: psu's facilities are really nice....that is one of the reasons i went back to the nike camp there, because the turf was really nice to me the year before :)

JsT10: Myron - I read that Joe Paterno recommended "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coehlo. Does the story pertain to your life and your recruitment?

mlrolle: yes the alchemist was a very interesting book — different from what i usually read ... a young shephard boy trying to find his personal legend ... and looking in all the wrong places

sportsguypsu: Myron, first good luck in everything you aspire, and second, I hope you've enjoyed your last summer as high school student. How's the Hun looking this year?

mlrolle: the hun school will be very good in my opinion...great coaches, great players, great fans...we are primed for a big year

DieselPSU: Myron, what do you view as your greatest strengths on the field?

mlrolle: my greatest strengths are my aggressiveness, speed and change of direction

papasmurf1: Hi Myron, I saw your website today. Impressive.

mlrolle: thank you papasmurf - it needs to be updated though

BobLichtenfels: Myron can you tell us why the chats? Are you trying to get a better feel for the fanbases of these schools? Thanks for coming

mlrolle: yes i think the chats are a good way to see a perspective a bit different than i would see it

Brody2004: What position do you prefer to play in college CB or Saf.? Do you see yourself growing into a linebacker?

mlrolle: i'd prefer cb

nittanynick: are there other recruits you've gotten friendly with and does that enter the equation of where you will go?

mlrolle: mccoy, spiller, hazelton and sam young

pennstatepelly: how often do you visit schools message boards, just on a read only basis?

mlrolle: i dont visit them anymore....i used to a WHOLE bunch last year....not anymore this summer

mlrolle: my brothers keep me updated though

mlrolle: hopefully i can ask some questions to you guys later if that is alright

Multiple responses saying ask whatever you like.

PSUtah2: Myron, Thanks for chatting with us tonight. You mentioned that The Alchemist isn't like what you usually read, could you tell us what you do like to read?

mlrolle: i usually like to read historical books..nelson mandela, ghandi, catherine the great, song of solomon were some great reads

sportsguypsu: Myron, it seemed that PSU wasn't one of your target schools for a while, is that true? If so, what changed your mind to perhaps take a closer look than maybe you had anticipated

mlrolle: i have a friend going to psu this year from hun and my AD went to psu and was a trainer for the football team so im well connected

mlrolle: after my visit to psu on april 29...and the way the coaches stayed with me....i had to add them to my list because it was hard to neglect how good psu is

pjk154: We heard you talked with Bryan Scott, another big corner... Have you spoken to him about his experiences in college and the league??

mlrolle: bryan scott talked to me about how he loved psu...his dad is a doctor actually so he talked to me about that....he said coach bradley will get you right

MeadowLion: Myron, do you have a favorite player that you fashion your game after or that you always looked up to as a kid?

mlrolle: i think i play like sean taylor in many ways...big, can run, but also can cover pretty well

commpsu2004: Myron, do you have a favorite Bible verse that is helping you through this fun yet challenging

mlrolle: hebrews 13:6

yeboahkodie: Myron have you experienced State College on a game day?

mlrolle: no i have never been to state on a gameday

MeadowLion: myron, who wins in one on one or Dwill?

mlrolle: haha well d-will and i went at it last year at a combine

mlrolle: i opened the gate and he ran by me...the next time i squared up and did pretty well

lonestarlion: Myron: It seems like going into medicine and playing big time football is very difficult. Have you met other guys doing the same thing on your visits? Best of luck to you.

mlrolle: yes i have met others that have done both medicine and can be done

CharlestonLion: Myron, do you know Justin King?

mlrolle: i never met king before..he is a fantastic

Brody2004: Any games that you plan on taking in in person no matter where you commit this fall? Who is your pro team you follow? Thanks again.

mlrolle: EAGLES!!

TheMagnum: Myron did you make it to the creamery?

mlrolle: i've heard about the creamery so many times but i have never been there

malksman: Myron how about you ask us a couple of questions...

mlrolle: is there a division between the athletes and the rest of the student body at psu??

Many visitors repond with the answer “no.”

happydudetom: I played Lavar A. in basketball, I schooled him ;)

mlrolle: happydudetom, did u really get the best of lavar?

happydudetom: haha NO. I'm a 5-5 asian guy, he knocked me over and almost killed me. :( but that doesnt leave this chat room!

mlrolle: haha

BobLichtenfels: Myron will you play in the All-American Bowl in January?

mlrolle: i will play in that game

psu7839: Myron, it looks like you have your priorities in order. Have you ever spoken to Adam Taliaferro about his PSU experience?

mlrolle: no i havent..although he is from south jersey

mlrolle: i watched him play at eastern on cn8

CharlestonLion: will you help recruit other players to the school that you choose?

mlrolle: yes i will help recruit

scurryPSU: Myron, will you re-visit any of your finalists between now and 9/1?

mlrolle: no i wont scurrypsu

PlaybookMark: Myron, you showed off a nice rendition of the LaVar Leap last season — was the flag on it legit?

mlrolle: i did the lavar leap all through pop warner...i was really good at it too

LionKing25: i’d like to hear more of Myrons questions..

mlrolle: how come the movie theatre across from baby's only shows like 3 movies???

mlrolle: i was disappointed

Many people respond by poking fun at the small operation and by saying there is a bigger theater complex near the Nittany Mall.

Brody2004: Myron-- do you feel like you have been around Penn State and it's facilities enough to give them due consideration? Are you ready to have some quiet time from all the phone calls from recruiting sites?

mlrolle: i grew up watching psu play

commpsu2004: Myron, I was just at the beaches in N.J. this past weekend. Do you favor living by a body of water like an ocean?

mlrolle: haha commpsu good question

mlrolle: did anyone go to the prince concert at the bryce jordan center last year?

Many people respond by saying they love Prince and have seen him in different places, and that the BJC show was awesome.

Brody2004: Myron, I heard Penn State is changing back to the original Pink and Black uniforms next season. Does that effect your decison? J.K. :)

mlrolle: they had pink and black before???

lionlover: Hey Myron? Lets talk serious stuff here OK? I don't have time for too much fluff! can you whip your brother’s butt?

mlrolle: haha now i can....5 years ago no

jerpsu00: myron do you feel like other schools have negatively recruited PSU (ie Joe's age, recent, losing)?

mlrolle: no one has talked about coach paterno's age

restoartheroar: In the ESPN chat Tom Lunginbill said us and Florida State were out of the race, why did he think that?

mlrolle: i beleive mr. luginbill was trying to say he suspects it was a four school race

NittanyNick2: Myron, did you set Mr. Luginbill straight?

mlrolle: yes i did

psufan95: Myron is it correct you are making your announcement at near home in Atlantic City

mlrolle: yes i am making it in atlantic city

PennStatePigskin: The reason were all tripping over ourselves is that the fans are passionate about returning PSU football to greatness, its traditional place. From what we can see the current team has that same fire. Have you noticed the drive to be great amoung our players. Can you see yourself as one of the leaders?

mlrolle: i can see myself as a leader...but i want to show it on the field first so the guys trust me to do what is right

LIONdawg: Myron, with all the recruiting attention and hype, have you been able to hang with your friends and enjoy your last high school summer?

mlrolle: yes i have...i just saw four brothers the other day...we always go to the boardwalk

LionKing25: Myron go see wedding crashers

mlrolle: wedding crashers was hilarious

PSU1GRR: How's Marchant?

mlrolle: marchant is still all nittany lioned up

igeroutlaw: Just curious as to how your family finds this while recruiting process.

mlrolle: my family is enjoying it as much as i am

psufan2020: Myron, do u feel that a leader is born or is something that is earned over time?

mlrolle: i think being a leader is something instilled early in one ever told me to be a leader growin up...the players just watched what i did and followed my lead

yeboahkodie: Myron while we're talking movies - whats your favorite of all time?

mlrolle: h-town

mlrolle: the program...then lean on me

lionlover: Myron. Have you been electronically timed in the 40? if so what is it? Also, wold you be so king\d as to tell us your best time for the shuttle run?

mlrolle: my best shuttle was 4.01..and 40 this summer was 4.47

PennStJeff: myron, ur not a prank caller are you? :)

mlrolle: no i am not a prank caller

mlrolle: although people have been impersonating me on chats, webpages, emails....and it is sad

mlrolle: i try not to let it bother me, but i dont say all of those things.....and it represents my name wrong

JsT10: Myron - I'm not sure that this question has been asked of you yet tonight --- why do you perfer corner over safety?

mlrolle: cb

PSUPiR2: Regardless of your choice, what's your take on PSU's chances for a strong season this year?

mlrolle: i think psu will shock some people this year

lionlover: Hey Myron how many AP classes have you taken and how many hours will you be able to apply towards college?

mlrolle: 23 hours if everything goes as planned this fall

Brody2004: Who is your lead recruiter from PSU?

mlrolle: haha coach mcqueary, bradley and norwood

PSUBETA: Any particular reasons you prefer corner over safety at this point?

mlrolle: i like the competition of going against one receiver all game and locking him down....that is a thrill

LIONdawg: Myron, would you rather knock down a third down pass or slobberknock the tailback for a 2 yard loss?

mlrolle: slobberknock

mlrolle: haha great word

LionKing25: Slamming a wr from a strong safety spot must feel good?

mlrolle: ohh feels good to jack tatum somebody across the middle

scurryPSU: Myron, should the Eagles meet TO's contract

mlrolle: pay TO

jerpsu00: Myron, what do you think of Penn State's classic uniforms?

mlrolle: they are the best uniforms in college football

PSUtah2: Up until now, what has been your greatest football moment?

mlrolle: running for 207 yards and 3 tds in a pop warner game against a team we should ahve lost to....i wasnt felt like i was floating

mlrolle: God was moving me along quick fast that nite

papasmurf1: Will you look to wear #10 in college?

mlrolle: yes i will....will that number be available?

A number of people say yes, because Calvin Lowry is graduating.

LionKing25: curious to hear more of myrons

mlrolle: what are the usual class sizes...i know it could vary...but just an approximation

People say anywhere from 25 to 1,000, depending on the class, and that classes typically get smaller as you move along through your college carrer at Penn State.

mlrolle: does everyone get around in cars or busses or walk?

People say mostly walk and bus.

MyBloodisBlue: The walking is fun cause you get in shape and can listen to musica the same time, and it’s not far

PSUBETA: Reggae.

mlrolle: reggae music is cool

mrfolks: have you heard dub side of the moon?

mlrolle: no i havent

mrfolks: check it out- it is a reggae version of a pink floyd album- very well done

mlrolle: i listen to culture reggae before games...lay down for 10 minutes and visualize what im gonna do...then go out and try to do it

LIONdawg: Myron, enjoy fishing?

mlrolle: no actually i have never fished before

PSU1GRR: We are going to change our traditional "We want the Lion" chant to "We want Myron" for the next week.

mlrolle: haha psu1grr

h2o22: Myron, do you feel that your body will eventually grow into a 225-235 lb safety/will lb?

mlrolle: no i dont think i will get that big...i/m weighin in at 207.4

MeadowLion: Myron, do you play much NCAA football or Madden on PS2 or XBOX???

mlrolle: i play ps2 ncaa 2006

LionKing25: myron did you lean out intentionally over the summer?

mlrolle: no not really...i did more runnin than lifting

scpsu21: you play ps2 online?

mlrolle: no i dont play it online

scurryPSU: Myron, have your family members developed favorites? Do they argue?

mlrolle: my family has different schools they lean to

jerpsu00: Myron, you think the phils are gonna get the wild card?

mlrolle: phils are comin

LexLion: Myron, have Williams and Kings arrival at PSU made it even more intriguing to you and what impact are they having on your recruitment to PSU?

mlrolle: king and williams will probably play right away....thats enticing

Maxicat: Myron, PSu has had good sucess with early enrolles.. Lowry, Connor, now King and DW.

mlrolle: what happened to connor actually?

A number of people say he is a good kid who made a mistake with prank phone calls and that Joe Paterno is handling it.

MeadowLion: Myron, throughout all of your must have gained some friends that are recruits....any that you are particularly close with?

mlrolle: mccoy

mlrolle: i think mccoy will end up there

mlrolle: he is a great guy

sambuca: package deal?

mlrolle: haha nice try sambuca

psufan95: Myron do you consider where other top recriuts go with your desicion

mlrolle: no i do not consider where other defensive backs go...not to sound cocky, but im just focused on what im doin

CharlestonLion: Myron, have you talked at all with Tom McEowen?

mlrolle: no i have never talked to mceowen

LexLion: What about Brackett?

mlrolle: i've talked to brett before

sportsguypsu: Myron, you said you like to play near the LOS, do you think that you may grow into a LB?

mlrolle: no i dont...i just think coaches will send me on blitzes alot

bplion: Myron, any interest in playing both ways?

mlrolle: no i am strictly defense

LionKing25: so Myron you are gonna play Safety this yr at Hun?

mlrolle: rover back...

mlrolle: d-end, lb, cb, and s

MeadowLion: Myron.....go Babe Ruth on us....predict how many INT's you have this fall

mlrolle: i dont think i’ll have many meadowlion if they know where i am lined up

mlrolle: i want some sacks though

LexLion: Myron, although you haven't made a final decision ... is PSU still getting serious consideration at this time?

mlrolle: psu is getting serious consideration

psu7839: What is your opinion of PSU's weight training program and facilities compared to other schools?

mlrolle: i dont think it is too bad ya know?...people have talked poorly about it, but i didnt think it was horrible

mlrolle: do you know the comment i always get whenever i go to psu...."myron, you look a lot like bryant johnson"

mlrolle: everyone says that

Many people agree that he does look like Bryant Johnson, and say it is a compliment.

daCronk: better than me...i get the "you look like matt geiger" a lot

mlrolle: matt thats not a compliment

BobLichtenfels: myron who is the best high school player you have seen in person or on film this year?

mlrolle: haha this year??

BobLichtenfels: yes

mlrolle: i think brandon warren is underrated...and chasman davis is beast too

mlrolle: there is a cb from jacksonville that i like

PSUBETA: Rickerson?

mlrolle: yeah rickerson

mlrolle: thats it

mlrolle: i heard the alumni base for psu is one of the strongest in the nation....any validity to that

Many people say yes, that it is.

mlrolle: i guess that is pretty good for networking

yeboahkodie: Myron - any nicknames?

mlrolle: franchise from my coaches...and ML by my friends

Brody2004: Thanks for spending time with us. Promise not to appear on TV with our jersy on and then pull it off to reveal your real choice if it's not us. I may have a heart attack. Good night now.

mlrolle: that was kevin jones right?

Many people say yes.

mlrolle: how good was chafie fields?

Many people say he was terrific and won a key game against Miami in 1999.

mlrolle: no i dont know chafie...i just heard he was a talent

scurryPSU: Myron, what players are you close to from your other 5 finalists?

mlrolle: derrick w., brandon siler, travis wilson, ernie sims, ryan mundy, luqman abdalah (teammate at hun)

78Lion: Myron, a past article stated that you met with Jimmy Johnson. Did he say, "Either come to Miami or get beat by them"?

mlrolle: yes he did

mlrolle: how fast do u think coach paterno was clocked when he ran down that official after the game

Estimates run between 3.9 40 and time had to be measured with sun dial.

LexLion: faster than DWILL. The guy is pushing 80 and can outrun a 20-year old

mlrolle: yeah he sure does have that fire now

daCronk: myron-have you talked to players from each of your finalists about enrolling early?

mlrolle: yes i have....they said it was a great decision

pjk154: if all things go as planned, with extra credits, enrolling early, would you like to graduate in 3 years?

mlrolle: yes sir...3 years is the plan

mlrolle: if you were would you play teddy shade shade at 7??

The consensus is press shade in, because Ginn is so fast, and to be physical overall.

mlrolle: i am pretty much in agreement...get a quick jam in while i play inside...find the hip and get on his upfield shoulder if he runs a fade

pjk154: how would you play some of the taller receivers, like Jarrett at USC???

mlrolle: ohh yeah...big receivers are "in" these days

mlrolle: you have to have big guys checkin them or they will "moss" everyone

MyBloodisBlue: Myron, do you like playing the run?

mlrolle: i like playing the run very much...fillin a gap..and exploding through the ball carrier

PSUBETA: How would you defend the Moss-type pass, where the receiver runs a deep sideline pattern and the QB purposely underthrows the ball, allowing the receiver to adjust and come back, before the CB realizes the underthrow?

mlrolle: i would lean on the receiver a little bit...forcing a bit outside....turn when his eyes light up and play through the hands

PSUPiR2: What's your take on the Big Ten as a whole

mlrolle: i think whoever survives the big 10 deserves to play in the nc

erpsu00: how good are those burgers at baby's??

mlrolle: yeah those burgers are worth driving up tomorrow for

mlrolle: i took the espn writer bruce feldman to baby's...he loved it

commpsu2004: myron, saw you play bball too

mlrolle: yeah im a hustler, defender and rebounder on the hardwood

erpsu00: myron, i have to run, lightning storm rolling through here... have a good night and thanks so much for joining us tonight.... you're a class act... WE ARE......

mlrolle: PENN STATE

mlrolle: i think i am going to run as well....thanks for chatting with me was a pleasure..i appreciate it....sep 1 - espn...thanks guys, you are all great

mlrolle: g'nite


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