Logan-El More Than a Football Star

A top offensive line prospect from Maryland, he brings smiles to faces by helping troubled kids. The announcement of the new co-leaders in his recruitment is likey to make Penn State fans grin, as well.

Antonio Logan-El is many things. He is a dominating offensive lineman. He is a premiere recruit with offers from the nation's top college football programs.

But above and beyond athletics, Logan-El is also the youngest member on the board of directors of Kids in Trouble, a national non-profit organization that offers help and services for underprivileged children across the country.

Co-founded by Logan-El's grandfather, the other members of the board of directors of Kids in Trouble include the likes of Muhammad Ali, Chuck Taylor, and other athletes and celebrities.

“A lot of kids nowadays, they believe that they don't have a chance to do some of the things that they'd like to do,” Logan-El said. “They don't have hope. I try to lead by example that they do have hope. As long as they're on the straight and narrow, it'll pay off in the end. I think I've saved a lot of kids from going the wrong way.”

In a recent interview with FightOnState.com, fellow Maryland blue-chip recruit Phillip Taylor said he was brought on board by Logan-El to help with the services Kids in Trouble provides. Both Logan-El and Taylor have remained very active with Kids in Trouble.

“We do a lot of community service,” Logan-El said. “We do a Christmas toy drive. It's a big thing for me because I used to get dressed up as Santa Claus several years in a row.”

The key phrase is “used to” play Santa Claus. Why?

“The last few years I couldn't do it because they couldn't find a Santa suit big enough for me,” Logan-El said.

At 6-foot-5 and 310 pounds, it is no surprise that no Santa suit in the land fits Logan-El, the massive five-star offensive lineman from Forestville High in Forestville, Md.

Logan-El initially committed to the Maryland Terrapins, which was the first school to extend an offer back when he was a sophomore in high school. However, Logan-El has since acknowledged that he has reopened the recruiting process and will take official visits to other schools.

“I've sat down and told my family that I was going to take my visits and check out the other colleges,” Logan-El said. “At this point, I have opened my recruiting process back up. Maryland and Penn State are at the top of the list, but I have indeed opened my recruiting process back up. Penn State and Maryland are my co-number ones.”

Specifically, it was a visit to Happy Valley a few weeks back that propelled Penn State into the picture and made a lasting impression.

“When I visited Penn State a month ago, they blew me away,” Logan-El said. “No type of other college was ever like that. It wasn't an official visit. I just went up there when I had some free time and as soon as I got up there, there had to be 30 people when I was walking down the street, just regular students, calling out my name telling me to come [to Penn State]. It impressed me a lot. They get into football and it's a football town. That's the type of atmosphere I like. Then there are the academics.”

During his unofficial visit to Penn State, Logan-El spent some time with fellow Maryland native and current Nittany Lions' freshman wide receiver Derrick Williams.

“Me and Derrick are real cool,” Logan-El said. “He's a funny guy. Being around him long enough, you're going to laugh like 10 times. I knew him while he was here but I never played against him in his high school career. When I went to Penn State, we hung out a lot and we went bowling. He showed me where the players hung out. He's a really good guy.”

Logan-El said he plans to schedule an official visit to Penn State, but will likely wait until after his season is over because Forestville High plays all of its football games on Saturday.


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