Warren Does Talking on the Field

In a day and age where high school recruits are given star treatment, Garry Warren wants none of it. Despite numerous requests, running back from Elizabeth (N.J.) High rarely signs autographs, not because he feels he is superior to anyone, but because he feels he has not earned the right to do so.

To him, he has not yet gotten to the point where anyone should want his autograph. Not yet at least.

It all stems from Warren's laid-back attitude. OK, make that very laid back attitude.

When asked how the recruiting process has treated him thus far, Warren merely replied, “good.”

When asked if he currently has any favorite schools, Warren simply answered, “no.”

When asked if Penn State had extended him an offer, Warren only said, “yes.”

The most words out of his mouth were when he described his style of running.

“I'm both speed and power,” Warren said.

But in order to better understand the type of individual Warren is, the one to ask is his mother, Monicka Warren. Given Warren's persona, it is only fitting that Monicka is the one who keeps a stack of letters from coaches officially offering Warren a full ride to play football. She read off a list of the schools that have officially offers, the likes of which include Penn State, Boston College, Maryland, Connecticut, Nebraska, Kentucky and Wisconsin. Monicka also said that Miami has been in touch with Warren.

“He's really a laid-back kid,” Monicka said. “All the publicity with the newspapers and writeups, he's really laid back. We try to make him understand that he has something that people have to work extra hard at. Nothing excites Garry. Me, I'm excited about everything. I tell him, 'you should be excited.' No, he's laid back, he's ordinary.”

Even offers from some of the nation's top college football programs do not get a response from Warren. Instead, Warren elects to display humility.

“We try to find emotions in him, but he goes, 'I'm blessed and I thank God,' ” Monicka laughed. “That's all we get from him. Even the little kids in the neighborhood ask him to sign autographs, but he tells them no, he's not a star.”

Outside of football, Warren donates his time at the Boys and Girls Club in Elizabeth. This summer, he also worked for the Elizabeth Board of Education. According to his mother, Warren enjoys working with the local neighborhood children in his free time.

“When he's running laps during football practice, the kids follow him,” Monicka said. “It's just like Rocky. He's a leader in everything that he does. He actually wants to be better.”


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