Gameday Weather Report

Hello once again, friends, time for another rousing edition of Cold Fronts and Field Goals, and as I look at my weather maps in front of me I find that I could basically use last week's posting via cut and paste method. The only difference is that I find a new storm swirling in the Western Atlantic, which may impact somebody's weather. Honestly, though, I don't think that "somebody" will be us.

A weak cold front is in the process of passing through the region at the time of this writing, but it will have no bearing on our forecast whatsoever. What lurks behind the front will - another massive area of high pressure which will keep us sunny side up during the upcoming weekend and beyond. If anything, temperatures for Saturday's noontime kick off against Cincinnati will be a bit cooler than last week's, thanks in part to a cool breeze from the northeast. Your Saturday game day forecast: Mostly sunny skies and very crisp, noontime temperature around 68 degrees, and an afternoon high of 74. I told you it was a carbon copy of last week's forecast!

In brief, the last week has seen a number of new named storms. Hurricanes Maria and Nate spun like tops in the middle Atlantic, but have since moved to the Northeast, not posing any threat to land. Ophelia, on the other hand, continues to sit near Jacksonville, Florida, ready to pounce on the mainland United States. What makes this scenario interesting is that Ophelia is nearly stationary due to a lack of steering winds. Have you ever spun a quarter on a table top and watch it spin nearly in place, only to flick it one direction and watch it move? The quarter obviously can't move unless you flick it, and in the same light Ophelia can't move if there is a lack of steering winds in the atmosphere.

There are still several scenarios which could play out; one would take Ophelia out to the Northeast away from land, the second has is swirling around and then making landfall at Jacksonville and moving northwest through Atlanta. Nonetheless, Ophelia will continue to enjoy Jaguars games for free until the ushers (steering winds) kick her out of the sky above! A third but less likely scenario is that it breaks west across Florida into the Gulf, making landfall somewhere between the Florida panhandle and Brownsville, Texas. This third scenario also means that New Orleans could in theory get hit with another hurricane, but all arrows at this point are pointing to the first two cases. Let us hope that New Orleans doesn't have to deal with another hurricane for a very long time; it's the last thing they need right now.

That's it for this week. Catch you all next week with the usual installment, and remember to keep your feet on the ground and your eyes to the sky.

Go Big Blue. Beat Cincinnati.


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