Gameday Weather Report

Good day to you, and welcome back to another edition of Cold Fronts & Field Goals! Just like the Nittany Lion football team, we're 2-0 when it comes to sunny game time conditions. Sadly, the weather streak (and hopefully not the Nittany Lions' streak) looks to come to an end this Saturday when Central Michigan comes to town for a 3:30pm kickoff.

We've certainly had our share of fine football weather over the last few weeks, but the football team won't be the only thing in town that hails from Central Michigan. As of this writing, a potent rainmaker is sitting just south of the Great Lakes over Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. It will move just north of the region on Friday, bringing a very parched west-central Pennsylvania some much-needed rain and maybe a few thunderstorms. The storm will continue its northeastward march into New England Friday night, providing the region with a few more rain showers that will last at least into mid-morning Saturday. For those of you who prefer rain-free skies with your football games, you'll be happy to hear that the brunt of the storm will have passed us by before midday Saturday, though it will leave quite a bit of moisture in its wake.

This moisture will keep skies on the mainly cloudy side through kick-off and into the afternoon, and a very light sprinkle cannot be ruled out during the game as the system gathers any remaining luggage and moves out. Bottom line is, it won't be a washout of a game, but it will definitely be a lot cloudier and consequently, cooler than the last two Saturdays. Your game time forecast: Mainly cloudy skies and cool with a stray shower or two; highs on Saturday afternoon will be in the lower 70s. Heck, if the storm system moves quickly enough, we may be lucky enough to see a few peeks of sunshine before the end of the game. Still, I don't think it'll be enough to keep our streak alive.

When we last left our faithful hero Ophelia, she was spinning just to the east of Jacksonville, Florida. After several days of whirling and swirling aimlessly in the Western Atlantic, Mother Nature finally dropkicked her into coastal North Carolina and the Outer Banks, bringing lots of rain and windy conditions. In fact, wind gusts at Cape Lookout, North Carolina, were as high as ninety miles an hour, and some parts of coastal North Carolina received more than three inches of rain (3.21 inches fell at last check in Jacksonville, North Carolina.) Ophelia will continue to move to the northeast over the next several days, and while she'll miss the major cities along the east coast she may bring several inches of rain to Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts – an already waterlogged area.

That area has already seen several inches of rain in the past few days, and may add to its total if Ophelia continues on her projected path. It's too bad there isn't a way to bring some of that rainfall to Pennsylvania; State College has measured only one-hundredth of an inch of rain this month. For comparison, last year at this time State College already had 3.74" – and was on the eve of another 5.17" that would come from the remains of, you guessed it, Hurricane Ivan.

That does it for this edition of Cold Fronts and Field Goals; I will give a very quick update next week before the Nittany Lions' road game at Northwestern. Here's hoping the winning streak will continue into Wildcat Country. In the meantime…

Go Big Blue. Beat Central Michigan.



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